Satan in Disguise

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Paranormal spirits or beings are mere products of imagination, but some maybe seen in their entirety by humans. This account which is about to unfold as experienced by my wife may prove my point.

Vesper Day

IT WAS August 23, 1955 and Catbalogan, now a full-fledged city, was celebrating its Vesper Day. Among the many-splendored, colorful and eventful activities lined up for the day, was the early morning parade that would crawl snake-like through all the thoroughfares and bring profound joys to all Catbaloganons, visitors and viewers alike.

Catbalogan Vesper Day Parade

Among the school participants slated to grace that grand affair was the Samar School of Arts and Trades now Samar State University where Tita was schooling- a junior in high school. After the mandatory around-the-town parade- Tita exited herself silently from the scene and boarded a bus homeward 23 kilometers towards Paranas where she would act as surrogate mother for the next hours more or less to her 10 siblings. Tomas and Pilar her parents the early hours of the 24th the Kaadlawan or Patron Day- catch the bus to hear mass, attend the celebration and partake to themselves all the good things the religious festivity has to offer.
Source: Formerly illegal loggers, people from Brgys. Tenani and Tula try to lure tourists to enjoy Ulot River Torpedo Boat Riding. Villages Tenani and Tula, the site of the picturesque Ulot River, are parts of Tita's town Paranas, Samar/

Tita's siblings went to sleep early

After taking their supper and attending to every individual needs of her younger brothers and sisters, Tita requested them to close the windows and door of their house to sleep. It was 7:00 PM. Pedoy- Tita's elder brother by Pilar's first marriage- and Julio- Tita's first cousin- slept with them in the house that moonlight night.
Source: Tita's family lived in a house like this /

Awakened, Tita found a huge, hairy hand

At about 9:00 in the evening when all was still and nothing could be heard except the singing crickets and the howling of dogs in the distant- a shrill, loud cry of "Aswang! Aswang!" (Witch! Witch!) reverberated through the night. It was Tita. She was awakened by a tickling, sensational feeling that make her hair stands on end. Opening her eyes- she beholds something strange and unbelievable.. A hand of unusual length and size had bolted itself through the nipa-thatched walling. With fingernails unkempt and hand unusually big and hairy- it was trying to reach Tita's breast and face. Mustering enough courage- the now horrified teenager managed to shout at the top of her voice.

Julio and Pedoy ran after the intruder

Awakened, Julio and Pedoy took stock of the situation. They maintained their composure and armed themselves ready for any eventuality. With sharp bolos- they rushed outside to run after the intruder. They saw nobody outside. They overtook nobody outside.
By and by neighbors led by Tay Candy trooped to Tita's house. These elders were still awake and having a little drink of tuba, a wine derived from a coconut tree when the commotion ensued.
Source: Bolos - Filipino Bolos/

Tita's story about the Capri

Tita and the whole house occupants were all ears when Tay Candy- their neighbor- began his horrible tale: "I saw a giant two-footed Capri peering into your house. Just a second after Tita's cry- the Capri changed form into a dreaded amamayong, looking like a huge, grown-up carabao or water buffalo, but bearing no horns. Instead- it has two drooping ears almost touching the ground. Alarmed, the now four-footed serpent trotted southward towards the church, jumping over the church and disappearing headlong into a big, sturdy and spreading dao tree. The old dao tree was the home of the amamayong.
This story actually happened. Believe it or not. Tita or Julita was then 16 years old. Tita, now 74, is still alive and happens to be my wife.
Source: Century-old Dao Tree; located in Jagbuaya, Tuburan, Cebu, probably this Dao Tree is the biggest and oldest in Philippines /

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Oct 2014 (#)

bravo Pare for the awesome story, well done and hail for your awesome ingenuity and narrative, Salamat Pooh!

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Oct 2014 (#)

Interesting story, thanks N C Radomes. The Dao tree is really huge - siva

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author avatar n.c.radomes
29th Oct 2014 (#)

MARK, thanks for the moderation and the star page.
FERN, thanks Pare for the flowery words. God bless!
SIVA, thanks; I hope others will find this wholesome, too.

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author avatar C.D. Moore
29th Oct 2014 (#)

Great Story,well told N.C.

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