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Deer, woodchucks, and slugs can all feast on your garden. Here are some tips for keeping them away.

Keeping Deer Away

Deer, woodchucks, and rabbits often use our backyard gardens as their own personal salad bar. Slugs and Japanese beetles like to munch on our veggies, too. The good news is there are several ways that you can save your garden from pests.
Deer like to eat everything from tomatoes to petunias. What they don't like to eat is cayenne pepper or hot sauce. Just sprinkle some pepper or splash some hot sauce around your plants, and watch the pests disappear.
Deer don't like the smell of mothballs. Drop some mothballs around your plants for extra protection. Add more if there's a heavy rain for a few days.
Unfortunately, we got some heavy rain where I live last week, and some mothballs washed away. I forgot to replace them so the deer snacked on my purple salvia.
Your dog can help save your garden from pests - especially deer. Spread dog hair around your plants. Let your dog stay in the backyard as much as possible during the growing season. This allows your dog to spread his scent around the yard. If the pests smell dogs, they'll move on.
If you don't have a dog, see if a friend, relative or neighbor who has a dog will give you some fur.

Keeping Woodchucks, Rabbits and Other Rodents Away

Woodchucks, rabbits and other rodents also don't like mothballs, cayenne pepper, or hot sauce. These products will burn the animal's nose if the animal comes into contact with it. Just the smell of it is usually enough to chase them away.
These animals are even more afraid of dogs than the deer are. So put your dog to work. Let him sniff them out and chase them out.

Keeping Japanese Beetles Away

The biggest mistake gardeners make with Japanese beetles is using beetle traps to get rid of them. These traps work well. However, the traps use pheromones - basically the beetles' scent - as bait. What ends up happening is even more beetles come to your backyard and nibble on your plants before they die in the traps.
If you see only one or two beetles, pick them off by hand and drown them in water. Soapy water works best. The trick is to get rid of one or two before more join them. This should take care of the problem.
However, if you have many Japanese beetles feasting on your plants, you may need to spray a pesticide. I don't recommend using pesticides. But it may be the only way to save your garden from pests.

Keeping Slugs Away

Slugs are another unwelcome visitor to your garden. Fortunately, they are easy to get rid of. Just buy some beer - any cheap brand will do. There's no need to spend a fortune for imported beer for your slugs.
Then, pour the beer into a coffee can, an old soup bowl you no longer use or any other container with a wide opening. The container needs to be wide enough so the slugs can crawl in easily and drown. Don't feel bad; the slugs will die happy!


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Great tips, much appreciated Connie...!

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Great page Connie
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marvellous tips indeed...many thanks Connie..

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Interesting tips Connie, and Casey is lovely!

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