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Want to safe on electricity. Then read and follow some off these simple yet useful tips!

Try a little bit harder

Everybody would love to save a little bit on their power bill right? But too many people can be bother with actualy taking the correct steps in doing so. Well just follow these quick and very simple steps and you can maybe safe yourself loads of money!!!

So what can i do?

Okay lets start with the obvious first.
1. Switching off light - If you know you are not going to be back in a room for more than one hour then switch off the light.
2. Power friendly light bulbs - The average rated life of a CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) is between 8 and 15 times that of incandescent bulbs. Yes they a little bit more expensive than incandescent light bulb but with the energy you'll be saving you will make that up in no time.
3. Fridge - make sure that the seals of all the fridge doors isn't damaged in any way, and that it forms a tight seal. Otherwise your fridge need to use more power to reach the same temperature than having a good seal.
4. When not there - when going on vacation or simply just going away for the weekend turn off your geyser, this will help save on electricity bills, thus saving money.
5. The pool - how long is your pool's pump running for each day? Try setting the timer to run just 1 or 2 hours less everyday and see if the amount off running time is enough to do the job efficiently. Maybe the extra hour it's running now is a waste and not necessarily.
6. The right amount - when making coffee or tea, just boil the amount of water needed. So for example if two cups are needed just throw in a little over 2 cups of water. Filling it each time uses a lot more electricity and is a big waste than boiling the right amount!
7. Monitor - if you're not using your computer for more than 1 hour turn the monitor off, or set the computer so it goes into sleep mode, or off for that matter.
8. Over doing it - when charging your cell phone or other electronic device, unplug it as soon as it's finished charging. Also helps extend the battery's life.
9. Unplug - When at work and at night when you go sleep unplug the as much devices in your home as possible, or easier, just switch it off at the power socket. Things such as TV's, PC's, radio's, recorders and so on still use power even when on stand by.
10. Chilled out - air con uses a lot of power, so try to cut back on the running time if possible. Don't leave windows or doors open and have the air con on at the same time. This uses a lot more electricity to reach and maintain the desired temperature!
11. Down down - setting your geysers temperature down will help save a little electricity.
12. Going the extra step - if you really want to see a difference try to change over to gas cooking. It's a lot cheaper to run, has become safer over the years, and easily obtainable almost anywhere. Maintaining this basic system is easy. Okay you'll spend a little bit of money changing over but you'll soon make that up and start saving so decent bucks.
13. Going all out - okay so you want to safe a lot more, well ever thought of getting solar panels for your house? Maybe just for the geyser, maybe just for the kitchen or more. The internet is full of DIY kits, but you'll need to know your way around electricity to connect everything properly. If you don't have the know how, there are lots of companies specializing in this. This can be incorporated into your existing electricity supply at your home, so you'll always have electricity even if there were minimal sun for a while, so no need to worry what if that's not creating enough electricity. Get someone to work out the right set-up for you. And the solar panels have a great lifespan - some 20 years and beyond.

What are you waiting for?

And that's it. 13 easy ways to save on that dreaded electricity bill. I know it's easier said than done, but you have to commit yourself into doing these small things and to get into a habit of doing it then it will become much easier. So what are you waiting for, start working on that bill today!


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