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Tips for saving money at the grocery store that don't require going hungry.

Cutting Food Costs

For anyone living on a limited income and having to save everything possible – or anyone looking to cut the bill at the grocery store - clipping coupons can save a good bit of money. In recent years the coupon savings have been a little more difficult to achieve since the companies who issue them seem to have cut down on the deals they offer. Having to buy more than one of the items does not always save much money and isn't always worth the while unless you buy that particular item on a regular basis or are buying for a family.

Between the coupons and the shopper savings card issued by the grocery store where I shop, I have saved over $600 each year over the past few years. This too is a little more difficult with the increase of prices with every visit to the store. For someone who lives on a very limited income any savings at all is a big help and the more the better. Six hundred plus dollars a year can mean the difference between being able to eat and fill prescriptions each month or simply being able to buy enough food to feed the family. With all the government cuts, it is becoming increasingly harder to get any kind of help to buy food and other essentials.

If it weren't for the coupons and shopper card savings and buying things on sale whenever possible I would not be able to eat; and items like steak and expensive seafood are NOT on the menu; unless it's a buy two get three free Steakums deal.

Each Sunday I get the newspaper and one of the reasons is for the coupons. After I have gone through them all I save them and send them to my mother who lives in another part of the country. By the same token my mother cuts out her coupons and then sends them to me. By doing so we each increase the available coupons and the savings we can generate each month. Contrary to what many people seem to think cutting coupons out of the newspaper each week does not require that much time. It only takes a matter of minutes - 10 or 15 at the most - to go through them all; and the savings that can be accumulated is well worth the time.

And keeping track of the coupons in and out of the store is not much bother. Find a small folder or envelope to put them in, go through them when entering to store to refresh the memory or check for sale items, and present them at the check out counter. With the rising costs of food with each visit to the grocery store it is well worth the time and trouble (what little there is) to cut out and save coupons for taking to the grocery store. Even though it may not seem like very much each week, the savings definitely adds up by the end of the year. In the end it is like getting a month or more of free food with the money your have saved.

Saving big at the grocery store involves more than just clipping some coupons. Buying items when they are on sale, even if you do not need the item right at that moment; because as so often happens when you DO need it, it will not be on sale and cost a lot more money. Take advantage of as many deals as possible like the buy one get one free and its various versions thereof – my store has some buy two get three free deals on occasion - and for a family the meal deals are a good buy – the buy this meat and get these items free.

Some stores offer double coupon deals for coupons under $1.00 which really helps with the buy two coupons and combining sale items – especially those buy one get one deals – with a coupon can really rack up the savings.

Using these methods, I routinely save an average of one third...and sometimes more...on my grocery bill; and there have even been times when I have saved more than I spent.


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author avatar writestuff
31st Oct 2014 (#)

Informative and timely post. Thanks for sharing these cost saving tips.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
31st Oct 2014 (#)

Sherrill, thanks for the tips on saving money on groceries. I live in the Northeast and food prices go up every week.

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author avatar Sherrill Fulghum
31st Oct 2014 (#)

Yeah, they blame it on the gas prices, but funny how the prices don't come down when the gas does.

I know the feeling, I'm in western NY.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
31st Oct 2014 (#)

Sherrill, I believe the food prices are up all over the country. I totally agree with you about the gas prices. Even when gas comes down food prices just continue to go up. It's a mystery to me.

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