Saying NO to BOT… You Can Make Good Money Online Without Cheating!

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Bot is a great temptation. People said it makes you rich in very short time by manipulating system. They say you can make a hundreds and thousands dollars in PTC, CPM, etc. just by using their bot. Well, I myself never try a “Bot”, but many people have been a victim of bot advertisement. They thought they will rich in short time. But in fact, they get banned from site and their money was stolen!

Reason Why Saying “NO” to Use “BOT”

1. Get Banned
It’s general risk and direct impact that you get when you temps to you use a bot. If you don’t believe me, go try it! I had proved it before! –yes… I’m victim before, when I was new to Making Money Online.

2. Lost Your Dollars
Before you use the bot, you might have already made a dollar with your own good internet marketing, but since you use bot and you get banned, well… your dollars lost at the sudden! The worst thing is if you temps by someone to buy their bot with expensive. How sad!!

3. Think ( Again ) why They Sell Bot
If they really made hundreds or thousands dollar using their bot, why they sell their bot to everyone?? Got the point?? You could be only their victim!

4. You Lost Way to Contact Admin
This is the most situations after you buy a bot and do complain and wish to get your money back; the admin of bot seller is lost and go nowhere.

5. Think, the Website Owner is Not The Amateur One!
Great website such as clixsense, chitika, ayuwage, etc is known as great website and have extra security that make people failed to steal money using bot. From time to time, they always try to improve their website security and fight against the bot. so, think twice before using bot or even buy it and waste your money. Eventhough, you can find it easy when typing on google ‘chitika bot’ or ‘clixsense bot’.

You Can Make Money Without Bot

Fact: Everyone can make good money without using bot, stealing, cheating or manipulating system. Trust yourself and give a try. You live in 2013 where making money could be easy. They key: you should not stop learning and give your best. Of course, you can’t be millionaire in short time. It takes effort and time. But, when you find a way in your honest way, it will worth what you want, and even more!

Do you still interest to use “Bot”??

Note: This is originally posted on my Bubblews Post under username “princess Kaurvaki” with title “Using “BOT” for Dollars? Well, it’s a NO”. I done little editing for this.
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author avatar jenny1015
29th Jul 2013 (#)

If any one wants to earn clean, they should learn to do it clean, too.

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author avatar redvakaurvaki
29th Jul 2013 (#)

very well said, jenny

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author avatar tanyat
29th Jul 2013 (#)

Earning clean money is hard,but hard work gets you satisfaction and the real views and stuff from other users and random people on the internet. I dispise cheaters

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author avatar redvakaurvaki
29th Jul 2013 (#)

Hard is relative for each person. But.. for those who used work hard, this 'hard' is worthy

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Interesting article.

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author avatar Tuhin Tusar
31st Jul 2013 (#)

very nice post

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