Scribe-Channeled Art By Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries In 2002 (Part 2)

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Peoples, this presentation or exhibit may seem odd or unusual to you but how it came about is also out of the ordinary for many of you. - Uthrania Seila

Exhibit 10: Through The Door - Part 2 Continued

Door is such a common word in everyday speech, signifying an entrance to and exit from a dwelling, and its rooms. Its meaning, however, can extend metaphorically to a portal as in toward and from the unknown. Or to an opening as in, say, “A sad, traumatic childhood had torn open a rift in the child’s Third Eye and Crown Chakra.”

Therein lies a tale. Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, alluded to in the above-mentioned sentence example, has since been no stranger to entities that frequently emerged from out of nowhere, as it were, to converse with her telepathically, imparting knowledge and information mostly heretofore unknown.

One of them, as has already been identified in Part 1, is an entity called Gastion who by all indication seemed to have walked among us centuries past (cf: The Paintings Of Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries). As opposed to messages communicated to her telepathically, the channel used here by Gastion in the following exhibits was Uthrania herself with her electronic XarX computer program.

When all is said and done, it can be said that partly abstract art, like poems, speaks riddles much as oracles reveal obscure, ambiguous and hidden knowledge. Be that as it may, let us sit back, and admire Lord Gastion's art work with an enigmatic smile.

- Jamie SR Cortez

Exhibit 11: The Entity With The Curly Hair

This was called "Animated Face From Syflyus." Other than that we know very little. However, it seems apparent to our standard of understanding that this is the face of a female.

And no signature.

Exhibit 12: The Woman With The Bridal Headdress?

Perhaps this is a bridal headdress. The pink signifies "Love" perhaps also though it is rather dark, therein in Part One where the pink background is evident, also, may tell of yet another artist.

These pink backgrounds between men and women become predominant in several of the unseen artist's work.

UNLESS, they are all women!

Exhibit 13: Author Painter Of Images

It seems Gastion likes to portray himself as a Sphinx in this Sketch and though he left no signature, he instructed me mind to mind to place the words:

"Author Painter Of Images."

Exhibit 14: A Woman Of Century

Will this be a man's bride in this portrait? Or will this have been a man's bride in this portrait?

The colour of hair relaxes the woman nearer into the early centuries where the hair was kept flatter and had an ironed-out appearance.

The "pink" and happy face dictates love and satisfaction whilst the red or "carrot" coloured hair decides the woman's origin as being from the Celtic lands.

Please notice the line of the woman's gown seems to portray one who has passed on.

And now we wish to bring your attention to the HANDS for you will see more of the same in the upcoming Sketches.

It is odd if Gastion, himself, through my hand sketched this woman that he, once again, left no signature...or did he?

Exhibit 15: The Unknown Face Of Culture

It is difficult to determine the century or year with this sketch as many Arabs do garment themselves with white clothing of a certain style and finesse in hot regions.

Indeed look at the gold in his eyes perhaps signifying "black gold" or OIL.

Also there appears an insignia on his collar of indiscriptive content.

He is sketched looking happy and satisfied of which it seems the author if being Gastion, seemingly was not.

This sketch determines a man from one of the oil provinces of the Middle East.

Exhibit 16: Garments Of White

Here the nose is prominent and this portrait sketch seems to be of a man indicative of some means of wealth.

Adorning themselves in garments, thusly, is the way of the humble as the clothing supposedly indicates though unfortunately this is not always the case.

Many times, riches do take away humility.

Exhibit 17: Green Hills And A Face To Match?

Could these green hills be indicative of a paradise for those with so many green-backed U.S. dollar bills?

Please note again the gold in the eyes signifying "black gold"
or OIL.

Another portrait from the Middle East. Note the beard and moustache - perhaps from the lineage of King Fahd ibn Abdulaziz ibn Abdul Rahman Al Sa'ud?

Again no signature or is it different? Perhaps on the collar.

Exhibit 18: The Totem-Pole Face

This sketch reminds us of a totem-pole with faces engraved in beautifully set design into it.

It is curious though why one eye is white and the other light blue. Reminds me of the story of Pocahontas and her white lover as they called him in the secret and quiet "inner" circles.

However we are not yet certain from which era the artist spawned.

Apparently there was royal intent and the mouth always reminds me of a boat, a canoe.

Could the stroke of paint on the neck possibly be the signature of yet another painter who may just have painted Gastion in the form of a Sphinx?

Exhibit 19: Man With The Pink Face

We are not sure exactly what the unseen artist wished to portray with this electronic painting on our XarX program.

When we refer to the pictures or portraits as sketches, it is because that is also what they are though done electronically.

No signature? Or is the "pink" a signature as well. We shall see.

Exhibit 20: The "Lady" With The Mask?

If each of these electronic sketches have not got you thinking then you are not listening.

This lady seems to wear a mask,
has beautiful almost aqua eyes and no arms nor top of the head.

The mask espouses a smile which indicates that the one wearing the mask, if indeed, a lady, was not smiling at all.

And no signature or is there one later on? Only one other portrait and of a man, unclothed, is seen with no top to his head.

Is that the very signature itself?

Exhibit 21: Returned Sketches!

As with many of our personal effects, these too, have been returned undamaged.

For that are we most thankful.

Exhibit 22: Matrika

This lady also has the likeness of feathers and within her crown chakra lies a crown or halo tucked quietly and unobtrusively in place.

Also note the eyes and yet again...
no specific signature from Gastion?

Exhibit 23: Portrait Of Surprise!

This portrait had been originally titled: "Grey Facial Extraction."

Also notice the colour of both eyes
and in the center is gold. Maybe also the twin-signatures.

The decorative piece
on the head exacts the same likeness of Exhibit 11.

Note the emblem on the collar and again
no signature!

Exhibit 24: Painting Pencil Scribed

This as you can see is a simple sketch of a lady facing away from the artist and the head is not in view for privacy we believe yet it shows indicatively the straightness of the back.

Again no signature yet look ye all at the hands or rather forearms tapering again toward the hands.

Exhibit 25: The Smiling Brunette!

This Exhibit was titled: "Lady Pinyetta In Motion Of Abstract."

"Flaming Red Hair for the portrait. - Gastion" - Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries ... and this seventeenth day of the eight month of the Gregorian time clock calendar of two thousand and eighteen years hence

Notice the film over the eyes as though the lady was unseeing.

Her face again drawn as though a bit of a mask. Hum, we wonder...

But why not Gastion's regular signature?

Exhibit 26: Cropisaurus By Uthrania Seila

Nice try, Gastion, for this was an image drawing I was being also taught but indeed only being able to draw stick people, this was out of my range. - Uthrania

Not how the eye seems to be well, protruding could we say?

And sigh, no signature...Gastion!

Exhibit 27: Sickly Male Entity With Fever

Notice the similarity to Exhibit 22 of Matrika in the eyes. The feathers seem to cover perhaps the length of hair.

A sickly feverish young man indeed. Poor soul!

Exhibit 28: Isotope

This drawing came about in the order given and was somehow recognized by Reni Sentana-Ries when all I,myself, was given as a description was ISOTOPE and so i asked Reni at that time: "What was an Isotope?"

Reni may have written my description in words as you find them upon the portrait but I do not remember.

* "I can tell you! Isotope is a landmine of discovery. And yes you are right! It is I, myself, Lord Gastion! I am in Copenheigan" - Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries ... and this seventeenth day of the eight month] of the Gregorian time clock calendar of two thousand and eighteen years hence

Exhibit 29: Sketch Of Face

"Lord" Gastion again and he had never referred to himself to us as anything but GASTION.

Believe you me, it was he, himself, who drew these profiles and here is another one with feathers and looking quite like Exhibit 9 on the lady in Part One, i believe it was.

Lord Gastion loved to put paint to plain sketches - his own unique touch.

No simple feat in working through someone else.

"Indeed not! - Lord Gastion" - Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries ... and this seventeenth day of the eight month] of the Gregorian time clock calendar of two thousand and eighteen years hence

Exhibit 30: The Face With Much Charm By The Author

This painting sketch is somewhat mystifying until I saw on an instrumental the same pink which I thought in this drawing were hands.

Does one not think them almost identical in colour, shape and format? And yet one face looks happy and the other sad.

the Signature?!

"None yet. - Lord Gastion" - Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries ... and this seventeenth day of the eight month] of the Gregorian time clock calendar of two thousand and eighteen years hence

Exhibit 31: The Lady In The Scarf

Please remember these drawings were made well over a decade ago. As we move through life, challenges differ and life moves on.

Yet some things never do change...

Exhibit 32: Wo-man Breaks Dimensional Barrier

From one extreme to the other but rest assured that not one of your forefathers nor foremothers who brought the each of you from the starships which traversed from other worlds or planets ran around with no clothes.

And yet even in the most strict of circles, art created by the hand and brush and clay such as the wonderful painter, artist and sculptor Michelangelo, in his depiction of the HUman form was done in such a wise as to not offend either the man, the woman, nor the child...though he could not have cared less.

- Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries ... and this seventeenth day of the eight month] of the Gregorian time clock calendar of two thousand and eighteen years hence

In fact if the truth be known, women were "not" his penchant. And men he thoroughly disliked if they tended upon interfering with his work such as offering to assist...otherwise...and his greatest love was his work but fulfilled only a third of his TALENT before his natural physical death and on his passing to his lady he said: "If it were only my choice to die once I would make sure it 'were' permanent!"

Exhibit 33: Harbour No Ill Will Against Any Sentient Being!

This drawing was made long yet not so long ago and as our completion of our Scribe-channelled drawings we would like to close with this one for at the time of each holiday, and at the time of each religious holiday, let us remind you, the Peoples, that to cherish one another is to harm no other non-human Sentient Being, for those of us who make it our life to help you, each and every one, we must first abide by our own principles and should the Arab-Islamic world also wish no harm befall them then the swiftness of the sword upon the necks of the non-human Sentient Beings must stop in their travels for the smallest of creatures are our friends and as such we are their keepers.

Good Day, Good Night and harbour only Good Will Upon One Another.

- Uthrania Seila

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Congratulations on publishing this article that includes what I would call very detailed art work that may have more than one meaning. I found it to be most interesting as I began to study each piece of art work that I experienced what I would call deja vu. I actually had to look up the spelling because I was at a loss for how it was spelled. It happens every now and then to me and this was one of those times. I thank you for sharing this with the world. I know a lot of time went into writing down the meaning of each piece of art work. Rania, Jamie and Reni thank you for all the you say and do.

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Thank you most generously and kindly our dear and good friend, Nancy Czerwinski.

We would be most interested in your deja vu and upon which picture drawing/drawings.

We agree each picture drawing has more than one meaning and should you know what they may be we would also be most interested to hear.

Thank you for your generous comment, again, dear One, and have of yourself/yourselves a most gratifying and wonderful day!

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My deja vu experience started the minute I clicked on your article and started to read your writings. I get the feeling that these pictures have a sadness to them even when there appears to be a smile and at some points they could be quite distressing. I know everyone will have their own view on what they see.

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Our very dearest friend, Nancy Czerwinski, how right you are. Do you see yourself in them from deep in your soul of another time another period?

Rania and Jamie, Reni

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21st Sep 2018 (#)

I've been thinking about this article and the pictures and I'm absolutely positive that these signify a time period from long ago. I've hesitated to write what I'm about to express to you but I feel it is true so I'm going to share it. Some of these pictures are disturbing. Not all of them but there are some and I believe there's darkness around them and it makes me wonder what was taking place. Possibly something that's not good at all.

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21st Sep 2018 (#)

Nancy Czerwinski, thank you for sharing your insights. They are most valuable and indeed shall get as they say "people thinking."

Rania and Jamie, Reni

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I see this artwork as very impressionable images of how many people see human characteristics that are a big part of our society. Congratulations on your brilliant style of writing that receives so many well deserved gold stars.

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Thank you, Sherri, for the appreciative comment. We are sorry fo having overlooked such a kind one.

Jamie and Rania, Reni

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