Searching for a lost green parrot named Polly.

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A rescued bird flies away to live free. A parrot is a great pet to have in any home.

Searching for a lost green parrot named Polly.

I always take my pet bird, a green parakeet native to Costa Rica, with me to do my household chores. I feed the dog which is an oversized version of a boxer and give him some lovin’. I feed the chickens which are pets with the dual purpose of providing fresh organic eggs every day. Yesterday I was doing these things with a sense of calmness and pride everyone should have while maintaining their pets. I believe it is the attention these intelligent birds look for because they are very attached to their owners. If my wife tries to come close the bird will screech or snap with a very aggressive tone.
First of all this special bird is a native species to this land and buying selling or capturing is highly illegal. I have always been proud of Polly because she came to us one morning after a big thunderstorm. So we rescued her, brought her in gave her food and she became a very integral part of our house and home. Every morning when the sun comes up she sings and chirps beautifully as if she is our alarm clock waking us with the sounds of nature. Every evening she crawls into her cage and we put her to sleep by covering her cage with a large beach towel.
I went outside with Polly on my shoulder, like always she stays put, never moving. She actually prefers the shoulder over the perch. My oversized boxer named Bruno was lazily rolling in the grass making deep grunting sounds like he was wrestling with himself. Just then a huge gust of wind picked up from the south. My hat almost flew away but, the bird held on. As I was turning to go back inside she opened her wings and flew right of my shoulder into the open sky. I was hopping and jumping and pleading with the bird to come back down. She was circling around me in counter clockwise direction. Then she went off into the valley. At my house there is a really big ridge that gives us an amazing view but, this day it was not helpful because the bird was heading straight for the other side of the vast canyon.
I hurried inside I knew I had only a small window of time. If I could get down the ravine I might have a chance of spotting this now free as a bird, bird. So I run upstairs put on some camo pants a long sleeve shirt and hiking boots. Ran downstairs grabbed the keys to the bodega, then outside opened the shed and quickly put on a pair of old work gloves, not matching of course. I saw the machete hanging on the tool rack; I knew I would need this most valuable blade of steel. I started out down the hill, calling to Bruno but, he was already behind me, with a dog toy in his mouth. He must of thought it was play time. I went through the first barbed wire fence with ease. Running throuhg the thick jungle is not easy. I came to my first obstacle really overgrown plants like raspberry vines but, very dangerous because of the sharp tiny spikes that cover this plant. Slashing my way past the heavy vines with the bird on my mind, I slipped passed this with discomfort. On to the next impasse was a small brook coming out of the side of the hill. I had to be careful at this point so not to slip and fall a hundred feet or more was the objective. After slicing past the thicket of the jungle, I came to a clearing. Tall grass at least to my forehead, this was a little better for faster travel.
I saw where a large beast maybe a horse or bull was laying down, this caused a depression making all the grass lay down in a general area. I called out ‘Polly’ ‘Polly’ no answer. I made it to the edge of this savannah like grass land, this is where another group of trees and plants blocked my path. Pushing on into the damp, forged leaves of this new territory I saw another clearing but, this one very small. I made it to the spot, an ant hill of the leaf cutter ants. These ants are famous for stripping whole fields of crops and trees within a single day. I was not worried they don’t bite if you move fast. I was out of there and into a group of oak and banana trees. Just then I hear ‘Polly’ she was calling to me. A call so familiar it was if we were in the house and she was in her cage singing to me. I saw her way up in a fig tree. As if she was saying to me’ this is my home the forest’ I called gently to her raising my hand and pretending to have something like seeds or food to coarse her to come down. It didn’t work she stayed up there. So I looked at my oversized boxer my companion on this minor excursion into the wilderness. He looked at me at tilted his head as if he was telling me that he too was stumped.
How are we going to get Polly back home? I plopped down under the tree, disappointed. I had found the bird but, she really was enjoying her freedom, up in the fig tree. The tree was too small to climb, and if I were to shake it she would most definitely fly away even further. So many emotions in a short period of time, fear of losing a pet, hurried wiriness, joy in finding her and now sadness of impending defeat. I knew she was going to fly free and never come back, it was this thought that gave me hope. I stood up and called to her’ Polly you are free, go, be happy in nature!’ She flew away. Maybe we should all be like Polly.


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author avatar Steve Kinsman
17th Oct 2011 (#)

Great account of your parrot's flight to freedom, and your philosophical acceptance of the situation is commendable. Great share IndianWarChief.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
17th Oct 2011 (#)

It is really special to form a bond like that with a wild parrot. Thank you for respecting her freedom.

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