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Living With Real Paranormal Abilities. Extra Sensory perception.


Some people will not believe or believe in certain things until or unless they experience it for themselves.

And when some people experience the certain things that they have heard of, the encounter does not always happen in the manner in which they had imagined.

Film and cinema often give people a false or exaggerated sense of what “special powers” or “special abilities” are defined by.

The movie industry also sensationalizes how spiritual energy and occult power work to a degree that inspires delusion.

And they sometimes give a distorted view of the degrees of a supernatural occurrence.

I was born with a caul which is also referred to as a “veil”. The membrane that sometimes envelop the face of a newborn child at birth.

I inherited the gifts of clairvoyance. Extra sensory perception.

These special abilities run all through out all parts of both sides of my family, but more strongly and in depth, on my mother’s side of the family.

My father’s grandmother had ESP. It was said that no one around her could do anything without her knowing about it. And I do believe that because I am the exact same way.

I know everything that goes on around me and way much more.

My father-a mistake that should have never happened-was nothing more than an undesirable piece of trash just like the majority of his family.

However, the greatness of my mother’s mother’s side of the family more than makes up for the unfortunate circumstance and the insult that was bestowed upon me.

I thank my lucky stars that I did not take after my father or any one of his worthless relatives. I did not inherit any of their garbage ways and degenerate traits.

Through my own personal experiences I do know what is supernaturally possible. And I know as to what extent.

The ranges and intensity of paranormal happenings are mind blowing to the unexpected.

Many people are skeptical when it comes to the subject of psychic or occult phenomena. There are people who are even sarcastic in their way of thought.

Wondering why, if certain people are so much psychic and clairvoyant then why did they not know this or that?

How come they did not see that coming?

If they were able to foretell the future they should predict the lottery.

What a lot of people in doubt do not understand and recognize is that psychic or clairvoyant ability does not always work in that fashion. In fact, most of the time it does not.

If so, all of us with second sight would be extremely rich billionaires just at the bow of our heads, and at the wink or blink of an eye.

Life does not permit those with the gifts of sight to call out anything by their own will for them to automatically obtain or gain.

Messages and visions and the like happen spontaneously as well as deliberately for some.

One of my gifts include automatic writing in more than one form. I do not have to think about what I want to write beforehand, the information just comes out to me by any means at any time.

When I communicate with spirits it is constant and continuously. The interaction is not planned. I do not shut it off an on.

It is just the same as when I receive and feel information about others and things. It is continuously and constant.

The energy remains with and around me at all times yet it chooses when and what to reveal at a given time.

Then there are the revelations that do not always pop up within an instant because there may be other significant factors that lie beneath the surface of interpretation.

Even when I speak to the spirits or energies. I may not always get an answer right away. Or the answer may not reveal itself by obvious means. Certain things are complex.

People have their own different powers and at their own different levels. And every psychic and clairvoyant do not use their powers in the same exact way.

I have unique gifts that are rare. And a spirituality that I was born into due to my natural abilities of the occult.

The things that I know and do I did not learn from anyone. And not too many-if any-are really aware of what I innately possess or the depth of it.

I do know, however. And I live, learn, grow, and make use of my abilities every day of my life. I hear things. I smell things. I taste things, I see things. I feel things. I am telepathic and empathic.

And I communicate with the dead.

I burn candles and I do other things that are associated with my spiritual work and worship/veneration to my beloved ancestors and orishas.

To some people having the gifts and powers of second sight and the occult is a burden. To me it is a blessing. An anointment to be cherished.

Having the ability to “know things” can save one’s life. And it is not all about what we know-but in the way of how to discern.


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