Secret 2011 Discovery:1897 Graph Reveals Global Economic Cycles!

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When I first discovered the graph, I left it with all of the other stuff I found inside the antique Victorian wash stand. Only the other day while I was sorting the contents of the stand, did I actually take a good look at the faded handwriting and strange lines and dots on this stained, and creased old piece of paper. when I started applying the key elements, a strange pattern started to emerge...

Chart Predicts Cyclic Weather Paterns.

Guaranteed, you havn't seen this 1897 chart, discovered inside an antique Victorian washstand.

Every major economic situation since 1897 predicted by this chart.

This chart has predicted certain cyclic climatic conditions all of which have a major influence on the economies of the world.

In 1927, there is massive panic due to crop failures example:

A depression looms as unenmployment rises through mechanization, and crop failures continue until 1931 when the world economies are facing a full blown depression. This depression like condition which includes the outbreak of World War 2 in 1940/45 , lasts until 1951

In 1962 a "Boom time" is signified and lasts for a few years and bottoms out in 1969 and another environmental situation hits the world which lasts up until 1978

In 1981 a massive real estate disaster rears it's ugly head and prices are on a crazy roller coaster ride. Famous U.S.A. real estate moguls loose millions of dollars.
The chart's record comes to an abrupt halt in 1999, when I suppose, who ever had started it in 1897, had realized that around about that date, his own personal gain from it would most likely have become depleted or exhausted, unless he had fathered an heir and had passed it on.

Speculation could continue endlessly about the origin of this "quil-nib" type, hand written document, in a caligraphic style supposedly written at the time of it's first entry 1897. however, my only interrest concerns it's uncanny, accuracy, assuming that it is authentic.

I use the term "apparent" loosely as the age of hoaxes and trickery has long been one of man's not so savoury traits.
Probably one of the most controvercial hoaxes is that of the "shroud of Turin", which incidentaly is still revered and respected by it's custodians even though it has publically been termed a "Fake".

What has actually facinated me, is where I had first found it, (Inside an antique, oak Victorian washstand bought at an auction of a deceased estate. Under a stack of old 1836, Dutch Bibles and some "authentic" E.P.N.S. cutlery pieces.
The post 1999 dicoveries I have made, since applying the unique cyclic key which the author provides at the base of his graph.

I figured, that since all the state--of--the--art computers could not even get close to predicting the huge, sorry mess that the world economy is in right now, since the crash recently, that it would be a safer more "authentic" as oposed to "virtual" approach, to plot and plan your own personal course for wellbeing and security as well as that of your own family.

Key To Secret Graph

This chart which shows that "Booms", "Depressions" and ""Panics" in world trade, go in cycles. The top dotted line shows years in which "Panics" have and will occur again.
Their regular cycles are 16, 18 and 20 years. The middle line shows years of good times, high prices and the time to sell stocks and values of all kinds. The cycles being 8, 9 and 10 years. The bottom line reflects times that are hard and therefore the best time to buy houses, stocks, shares and goods, to be held until the boom cycle comes around again. "Depressions" go in cycles of 9, 7 and 11 years.


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author avatar Delicia Powers
23rd May 2011 (#)

A fascinating study, thanks Tranquilpen

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author avatar Songbird B
24th May 2011 (#)

What a find! Cynical though we tend to be in this life (usually with good reason), there is so much out there that we still don't understand, and often it is dismissed as it won't fit into nice neat boxes, as our Scientists would prefer. Having an open mind, is truly the greatest gift that you can give to yourself...This is a really intriguing read my dear friend. Great share, Tranquilpen..

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