Seeds of Human Civilization

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Human civilization has been developing through intellectuals sowing seeds for improving quality of life of people. Important of such seeds are detailed here under each of which has contributed to make human life independent of Nature.


All species of life on the Earth find foods for their survival, all find some sort of shelter for protecting their bodies from extremities of natural environment, Up to this point, human life was not different from natural wild life. How humans deviated from the wild natural life for the first time was their provision of wearing clothes on their individual bodies - first for protection, then for avoiding unnecessary inter-gender attraction, and lastly for better looks.
Clothing provided additional protection to bodies from climatic changes, providing the first freedom to human life from the Nature.


All species of life mutually communicate with each other in one way or another basically for serving their survival needs. An ant finding a stock of food larger than she can consume by herself wanders in the vicinity informing some other ants about the food stock and takes them with her to the food. Baby birds in a nest cry for food as their communication to their parents to feed them. All such communications are limited by space and time boundaries.
Humans went a step ahead for dismantling space and time boundaries for their communications through developing symbolic languages with Latin and Greek being the first such languages. Thus, second seed of human civilization has been development of written languages for communicating through space and time limitations. This has been the greatest step of humanity for attaining freedom from Nature.

Sex for Pleasure

All forms of life have provisions for procreating for keeping continuity of life for the species on the Earth. In most of the cases, procreation is achieved through inter-gender sex-play by individuals. All such species of life have instinctive craving for sex-plays but for procreation only and at given environmental settings only. Once the procreation process is seeded the craving goes off. Here again, humans broke off from Nature and found pleasure of sex at all times independent of environmental factors and procreation needs. For this, individuals compete with each other for more attractive looks. This step opened floodgates of glamour and fashion fields as elements of human cultures.


All forms of life have provisions of eating differently under conditions of different ailments in individual bodies. Humans formalized this provision for curing ailments through prescriptions of specialists of the particular field of knowledge, and through synthesizing drugs and medicines for serving specific purposes. So, whether a curing medicine is available naturally or not, humans have it to be independent of natural provisions.

Sound of Music

Many wild animals produce sounds to attract member of their species of opposite gender for mating. All sigh and cry when in pain. This is the natural way of bearing or curing the painful condition. Humans found that a sound that feels sweet to mind produces better health conditions in the body. This caused entry of music in human life.
Next, they found that specific body ailments may be cured through pronouncing or listening to specific sounds. Dhanvantari and Sushruta of Ayurvedic fame had been pioneering experts of this field. For their folly, modern humans have lost the arts and sciences of sound therapy. The sound of music is now limited to entertainment and recreation.


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author avatar M G Singh
8th Jul 2015 (#)

Nice post

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Jul 2015 (#)

Thought provoking - it is time we pondered deeply about the steps we take than get carried away with "progress" for its own sake. I feel in a way like - "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread".

Time to enjoy our ride too than be fixated on things that glitter - siva

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author avatar Hempalsingh
21st Oct 2015 (#)


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author avatar Hempalsingh
21st Oct 2015 (#)


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