Seker Pare

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That candy was common to Greeks and Turks in Asia Minor.
Cuisine with influences by Turks, Greeks, Arabs etc.
The name is Turkish and the literal mean is “a piece of sugar”.


◦250 grams cow’s butter
◦1/2 cup of sugar
◦1 egg
◦2 big spoons of thin (powdery) semolina
◦2 and ½ cup of (white) flour
◦½ small spoon of salt
◦3 small spoons of baking powder
◦Some vanilla flavor
Ingredients for the Syrup:
◦2 cups of sugar
◦2 cups of water
◦1 big spoon of lemon juice
1.Whip up by mixer the butter and the sugar of the pastry till gets soft (puffy).
2.As we still whip by mixer, we add the egg , and the flour little by little (the flour it is mixed before with the semolina, the baking powder, the salt and the flavor of vanilla.
3.After it gets harder to work with the mixer (after the egg and some of the mixed flour), we continue by hand.
4.The final result is soft enough and little oily. We don’t work hard with hands but gently because the pastry must remain soft.
5.Make small balls about 3 cm in diameter.
6.Put them on a baking-pan and we care to left space between them.
7.On the top of each one we place half almond (white, without the skin,)
8.Bake in pre-heated oven in 180oC for 45 minutes or till they will become light brown.
For the syrup, dissolve in mild heat the sugar in the water and lemon juice and boil about 5 minutes after the syrup have started boiling.

Pour the syrup as it is still very hot to the baked pieces of pastry (also they must be very hot, just after we take them out of the oven). It is better to pour the hot syrup little by little with a spoon on every baked “Seker Pare” to achive better soaking by the syrup.

After they cool down we put them on plate.(gently they are soft).

Good Luck!


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