Selecting a Personal Perfume and Cologne: Four Part Method

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A four-part method of selecting a personal scent is a follows:
- The Scent Secrets
- Personal Chemistry
- Layering of Scent
- Potpourri


The use of perfume and cologne is an awakening and educating process for the senses. It is an art and makes the breath of life sweeter indeed. A Perfume Bar is an exciting place to shop seriously for a scent. In department stores, many brands can be tested and sampled. A four-part method of selecting a personal scent is a follows:

- The Scent Secrets
- Personal Chemistry
- Layering of Scent
- Potpourri

The Scent Secrets

1. Fragrances are less powerful in hot and dry environment because the sense of smell is impaired. In such an atmosphere, use a more intense scent.

2. Fragrances smell stronger in warm, tropical and humid settings. However, they evaporate more quickly. Use fresh and delicate perfume. The air will magically intensify it. Sea breezes, however, can overpower a fragrance.

3. Fragrances last longer on oily skin and tend to become overly sweet.

4. Delicate fragrances are better for fair skin.

5. Apply fragrances with luxurious enjoyment on bare body following bath and in stages while completing toilet. Never risk hurried and last-minute dabbing.

6. Perfume applied to bare skin in sunlight is dangerous. Chemicals react to ultraviolet rays and cause skin rashes and dark splotches.

7. Realize that those who smoke never experience the full glory of perfume. The chemicals in cigarette smoke react badly with those in perfume, diminish fragrance and also reduce one’s capacity to enjoy the aroma.

8. Medication can change the skin’s reaction to a fragrance, as can eating onions, garlic, and spicy foods.

9. A scent may react differently with the skin during menstruation and the sense of smell is often affected during that time.

10. The warmer the body, the faster the fragrance fades. More frequent applications are needed in summer.

11. Perfume evaporates even when not removed from the bottle. Store larger quantities in a cool, dark place. For current use pour some into small, lovely and seal able bottles and place it away from bright sunlight. Oxygen and light are perfume’s enemies.

12. Save your empty perfume bottles and place them in dresser drawers and closet. They will impart their scents to garments for a long time.

Personal Chemistry

One of the most important things you will learn in selecting a fragrance is that every perfume will mix with the chemistry of your skin. Dark complexions hold fragrances differently than fair skin. Fragrance experts point to the fact that it takes ten minutes for the true scent to develop and for you to know its true identity. When shopping for perfume, it helps to start with one you have already tried. If you are ready to change and want a slightly different aroma, spray the new scent of your wrist. Spray a lighter and more flowery fragrance on the other wrist.

Layering on Scent

The ultimate effect of scent is determined by the way you use it. Do not think of fragrance as the last thing before leaving the house. It should be for your benefit first, so apply it directly after a bath or shower. Layering is the most effective way to wear a fragrance. Begin by bathing with scented body soap. After the bath, apply a scented body lotion to your damp skin and dust with a scented body powder when the skin is dry. Then splash on cologne or tap water and finally follow with strokes of perfume, sparingly, on your pulse points. Because scent rises, do not fail to include pulse points at the ankles and backs of the knees. The bouquet of perfume unfolds best on thin skin over arteries.


A wonderful way to further indulge your sense of smell is with potpourri – a fragrant mixture of dry flower petals, spices, herbs and aromatic oils. An open jar can give your room a fresh, pleasant fragrance, which almost makes you feel; you are living in a garden boudoir. Potpourri also allows you to add another dimension to your personal fragrance. Place sachets of potpourri among your clothing in your drawers, it will add a lovely depth and surprise to the scent of your perfume or cologne. It also adds the subtlety of scent to your dorm room or apartment.

Notes and References

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Note 2: Facts about perfumes and cologne were based on the author’s personal experiences, opinion, as well as other sources such as:


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You can only find our which scent suits you by trial and error. I've bought perfumes that just don't last on my skin - they're gone within an hour. Others last all day and you can still smell them the next day.

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