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Before my feelings about death really got strong, and long before my university days, I dating a man that was psychic himself. At least that is what he told me. I never did have anything to go on and I just thought that he was making up stories. John told me that, "he sensed things." I did too but I never put any stock into it so I didn't take him seriously either.


We would however get into many conversations about the paranormal. John told me that he could read auras, (the colours that surround people). When I asked him what my aura colours were, he said they were all black.

The thing about John was that he never appreciated me while we were dating and he always putting me down. I took his answer to be another insult just to dig at me and I thought that the claim about reading auras was just another story.

Dear John Letter

We would however continue to have conversations about his psychic abilities. One time he told me that he was studying for an exam and it was exactly 10:13 am. For some strange reason, the most incredible feeling of despair came over him. He couldn't understand it.

Later he split up with the girlfriend he had at the time. Afterwards when he got his first opportunity to talk to her he found out that the very day that he felt the overwhelming feelings of despair, she sent the proverbial, "dear John" letter to tell him that she would no longer see him. Not only did she post it on the very same day, she posted it at exactly 10:13 am. She also told him that she was indeed crying and was full of pain and despair when she posted the letter.

These stories were all so intriguing but I was not completely convinced. John had a flair for the dramatic. I was sure that he was embellishing the truth. There was however one incident that had completely changed my mind about John's psychic ability.

Debbie's visit

I was divorced in 1981. I dated John in 1982. My marriage had been rocky and my husband had a nervous breakdown while his sister was visiting with us. My husband was suffering from paranoia and Debbie was not making it any easier. She was feeding him with all kinds of crazy ideas about my family me when I was away at work. She hated me with a passion. My family was afraid that she would do me some harm and warned me not to eat or drink anything that she might prepare for me. I counted the days until she was to return home to Barbados where she came from. She really scared me!

The whole ordeal was still fresh in my mind a year later when I started to date John. I never wanted to hear from Debbie again. I was sure that she was feeding the family with a pack of lies about me, and how I was abusing her brother. Who knows what she was telling them.

The stories were bad enough though, because I got a visit from her two uncles living here in Montreal. The family sent them to investigate what had gone on during her visit. Debbie and Tony, my husband, were back in Barbados by that time.

When the uncles came they listened to my side of the story (much too long to tell here) and were satisfied that Debbie was just being over dramatic. Both brothers agreed with me and said that they would not have had Debbie living under their roof given the trouble she was causing (For part of the story see my story: Throw it out the Window.

Yet she was deliberately spreading all kinds of lies about me. She was causing a rift between me, and my husband's family back in Barbados. Regardless of what the uncles said, the parents and my husband's siblings believed Debbie's lies.

Even though she had gone home and the situation happened in 1979. It was now 1982, and I was still taunted by her behaviour. I had not yet healed. I was divorced, my husband had a nervous breakdown, he had returned home to his family, and my family felt that Debbie was a real witch.

One night while John and I were in the throws of passion, he jumped up and left the bed. He started waving his hands frantically and asking me if I had anything of Debbie's in the house. I did have a towel that she left behind. He told me to burn it then bury it in the back yard. Of course I wanted to know why.

John explained to me that he was hearing a voice. It was saying "you are evil, you're the fault my brother is sick and I will curse you until you die." John automatically assumed that it was Debbie in the room with us that night but in actual fact it was me reliving the incident and I was the one who was thinking those thoughts. John was reading my mind! Never again did I doubt his psychic ability.

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author avatar Life Matters
11th Jun 2015 (#)

Carol, Thanks for sharing this story. Other cultures steeped in such belief systems, are not making it up. And we all have psychic abilities, we may have not tuned into, YET. Oddly, science is now confirming 13 senses, which include clairvoyance, clairaudient, and clairsentience.

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author avatar Kingwell
14th Jun 2015 (#)

Fascinating story Carol. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

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