Seven Steps Making High Quality Sandwich

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making sandwiches is familiar to people. but do you know how to make a sandwich that has a high quality, healthy and delicious? , You need to know for producing sandwich like that there are seven things you should consider when making a sandwich. The following things you should consider.

Seven Steps Making High Quality Sandwich

Here are seven steps that require to be done to make a sandwich of high quality,healthy,and delicious.
The steps are as follows:

1. Select healthy bread.
You can select any kind of bread,but it is commonly used wheat bread. Select bread high in fiber and protein. It also should be low in calories.

2. Look for a high quality protein.
Most of the sandwiches have benefits in terms of delicacy. However,a different flavor can place one with the other. Adjustment portion of meat with ingredients other sandwich makers need to be done as this may affect the level of protein needed by the body.
Protein are often obtained through:
- Meat: chicken,beef,corned beef,and others.
- Vegetables: spread,cashew butter,and far additional.
- Dish: Tuna fish salad,One food,salad.

3. Size cheese.
Although cheese contains a lot of fat,but cheese also contains a lot of calcium needed by the body.

4. Add seasoning.
Sandwich would are higher if added little seasoning sauce,for example,but it is just an option. You can add spices to suit your taste but there attention portion.

5. Add the vegetables.
For children who do not like vegetables,this can be one alternative that could be done for increasing the supply of vegetables in the body. be sure to choose fresh vegetables.

Vegetables may include:
- Sliced tomatoes
- Olive
- Cucumbers or pickles
- Onions
- Lettuce
- Sprouts
- Carrots
- Mushrooms
- Apples,and others

6. Dont forget to fill out your sandwich with a slice of bread on each sides.

7. Note the heating or roasting.
Heating or cookery on a sandwich does not add calories. This is your choice and do not sow lettuce during roasting, it will affect the taste. better lettuce finished sown after roasting.


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