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On this page, I will explore various tips and hints for meditating as a process to get in touch with the metaphysical realm, enhance psychic abilities and explore the inner reaches of the mind.

Sky Journey

The Sky Journey is something you might undertake to envision your goals, what they can be, the highest and best that you can accomplish at the moment in your life. It is best to approach this stage without judgment, because it may take some time for you to establish the connection on the upper register of energy.

To begin, ground as usual, take three deep, cleansing breaths, and raise the energy as you would for the Earth Meditation. Only this time you are going to make the connection with the Third Eye chakra, or for those who are rather advanced, the Crown chakra, allowing you to go out of body. However, this latter is not a necessity.

Pose the question of what you want to know. Sometimes, writing it down helps, so that you can see your question while you are journeying. Use your drumming technique or listen to music that has some kind of beat to it. Flute and drum music is good, even thunderstorm recordings are helpful in allowing you to touch in with the spiritual energies that will take you to another realm where your question can be answered.

When you have completed your journey, write the experience down in a journal. This is especially good if you have been introduced to a guide or power animal, so that you can refer to them by name at a later date.

Drum for Meditation

The use of the drum in meditation encourages the balance of heartbeat and breath in conjunction with Mother Earth. It creates a point of focus so that the mind releases the intruding thoughts of the day and cleanses the energy bodies of anxiety, anger or whatever keeps you from letting go and allowing the visions or auditory messages of the Spirit from coming to and through you.

If you don’t have a drum, you can use anything that makes a similar sound. Tap on a cardboard box, tap on the arm of your chair, tap on your stomach. Whatever you use, you will find that your energy synchronizes with the energy of Mother Earth, and you will find it easier to ground and visualize. What you see in your mind’s eye will be enhanced. You will be more open to auditory messages, because you are already listening to the sound of the drum.

The benefit of having a drum is that you can go into nature and readily connect with Mother Earth. Drums are inexpensive enough to have a small one. Size is of no importance, but you may want to select one that has a pitch that resonates with your own personal vibration and sounds pleasing to you. The main thing is that it facilitates your meditation, allowing for easier connection to spiritual energy.

Earth Meditation

An Earth Meditation draws you into the healing energy of the planet while exploring the depth of the subconscious mind and the creative energy that is stored there. Allow yourself about a half-hour to relax, uninterrupted. Beginning with visualization, and a slow drumming beat, (any kind of drum will suffice, including tapping on the arm of a chair if you don’t have a drum at your disposal).

Once you have taken three cleansing breaths and grounded by visualizing roots going from your base chakra down into the center of the earth, start to visualize yourself entering the mouth of a large cave. I often see myself riding a burro or being led by a silver wolf.

Imagine that there are rows of candles along the sides of the cave to light your way. As you go deeper into the cave, it begins to swirl downward. You may begin to meet various creatures on your path at this point, or you may see a variety of images that tap the subconscious mind. While you may not feel that this experience is real in the sense that you can touch these creatures, the energy they represent is very real.

Don’t focus too much on remembering all of the details of your experience or you may lose touch with the images altogether. Once you have completed your vision, take some time to review what you have seen and experienced by recording in a journal. Having a record of your experience is essential, as you may receive insights into your own experience at a later date, or you may be given names of guides and totems which will be there to help you later on.


While grounding is considered one of the very first steps in meditation, many of us neglect to visualize ourselves rooted to the earth in such a way as to prevent the various problems that not being grounded can cause. Grounding helps to seal the protective layer around the various energy bodies so that negative forces do not take hold of our bodies. It keeps us from being sapped of energy on the physical and mental levels once we have completed meditation. Grounding also allows us to have a better meditation experience, in that visions, and sometimes, auditory messages, are more clear and crisp.

How does one go about grounding? This is a step that can be done through visualization—seeing with your mind’s eye. As you take three, deep, cleansing breaths to begin your meditation, see roots descending from your feet into the earth. The deeper the roots go, the sturdier your grounding efforts become. If you go to the very core of the earth, you can expect that the grounding will be stable and secure.

When you have completed your meditation, it is wise to sever the grounding, so visualize those roots being cut with a giant pair of scissors, or a sword, or something else that makes sense to you. This will help you to retain the energy you have drawn from the earth without feeling tired after your meditation.

Dragon Energy

Dragon energy is something that I discovered during my grounding exercises some time back. As I tapped into the earth’s core, I saw a red dragon swirling there. I found that as my vibration increased, the dragon would swirl all the faster, until he used his tail, like a whip, to charge my energy, sending hot, fiery energy into my root chakra, opening it and raising the Kundalini energy, to rise up through the various chakras, opening each as it went, until all were open and prepared to travel out of body or use psychic senses. In any case, the visions and auditory messages were enhanced and clarified.

To connect with this energy, visualize roots going down into the core of the earth. Your subconscious mind will select the proper color for your development, but I find that green is the most natural color to start with. See the roots going deeper into the earth, then notice that you come to the molten core. This usually appears like a ball of red fire. Plant your roots firmly in the core, then pull energy up. If you have a dragon guide, (and if you don’t have one, ask for one) it will appear quickly. The more you pull up energy, the faster the dragon will swirl around and with a whipping motion of its tail, it will send powerful energy into your roots, coming up to raise the Kundalini energy through your chakras, one after the other. You can then go about your meditation, doing any work or experiences that you prefer.

When you have completed your meditation, be sure to draw the energy back down and seal your chakras, and release the roots, coiling the energy in the root chakra.


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