Shielded By The “Veil” Of Birthright And Spirituality

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The natural laws and liberation of distinct spiritual energies and protections.

Shielded By The “Veil” Of Birthright And Spirituality

No one can tell me what it truly means or what it truly is to be a caulbearer, the significance of my existence, how could they or anyone else for that matter?

I am the absolute epitome of a very rare, unique, and unusual person born with the mysterious treasures and advantages of the caul in both mind and in spirit.

There is resentment toward my ultimate design by attackers who fear my existence.

The extreme connection to the spirit world that I have and the distinct power from the universe speak of energies that are unknown, they speak of the solicitous unfamiliar forces that work on my behalf.

The vibrations of my innate state of being are very well-known unto me and easily recognizable within their relations yet still ever evolving and manifesting, and continuing to remain foreign among the very most of my opposites.

It is impossible for me to be converted into something and someone that I am not through any ineffective manipulative mental, spiritual, or emotional torment/torture.

Nevertheless, my foes and those alike continuously seek to slay me and to turn me into one of their very own demonic creatures/beings, negativity and perversity at it’s worst and at it’s very best.

They essentially want all of my performances to be tainted by incompetence, they want my mind stricken with the most severity of mental illness, they want me totally crippled in the lowest of fashions and in any of the tantalizing foreboding modes possible, and whatsoever.

My enemies are all catching hell, drowning in between the treacherous waves and streams of punishment and danger that were revealed to me long before it had come to be, and during the numerous basks of my versatile premonitions.

“The animal sacrifice that I did eight to twelve weeks ago has come back on me”, said someone whom I know in a vision that I saw a couple of days ago. The guy that I speak of is in an emotional state of agitation, his mind is also not right, his complexion has darkened, and much more negativity he will definitely experience. There is no going back for him, he is in very bad shape and he is crossed up due to a backfire!

I am a very spiritually advanced individual protected by the ultimate shields of fierceness.

A highly intelligent entity guards my surroundings, my aura, my essence, my effervescent nature. “Oh, how I lay and rest my head and body in the bosom of purity and peace”

Exceptional beings know what is revealed behind the secrets of true hidden knowledge. We often experience the incredible; we experience what may seem to serve as the impossible to and for many others.

When other evil spiritual people and/or common attackers rise up against me my “spiritual protections” administer fancy techniques. Part of the forces will conveniently make appear to them what they want to hear or believe.

My many shields have projected a false painted picture and version of reality to intentionally mislead my enemies and other seers who read for them or who were just out for themselves (psychics/clairvoyants and etc…) to throw them off by camouflaging my actual happenings. “Oh, how they love and respect me”

So be it to thy energy as it has continuously set me free

Entities perceive the designs that are concealed within negative energy which attacks. Instead of just receiving the central part of negative energy then dispersing or transforming it, my protections absorb and also repel the negative energies.

When my foes intentionally acquire to harm me by sending negativity toward my way my shield goes into action. My protections have the capacity to absorb the bad/malicious energy. It will suck it up and retain it up until the time most significant to then spring back upon every one of my attackers.

Ever since from a very young age I have detested and resented the existence of low scale individuals (trashy/garbage people), And initially not because they had done me wrong or done me malice by any means in any particular way-as they had eventually tried so many times-all through out my life due to their envy, jealousy, sickness, and extreme ignorance but because I had detected exactly what they were and what they were about very early on.

I always had the uncanny ability to read and to accurately pick up on people. The profound ability to sense things about people that other people couldn’t.

Although I have some of their “type” and “kind” of low scale individuals who are connected through to my family I am not anything of them or anything like them at all. There is a very small percentage of relation compared to the lineage of pure substance character and genes that I have originally inherited and that I authentically come from.

My luxurious and high caliber traits and tendencies along with intelligence and reasoning rawly stems from my grandmother’s side of the family (my mother’s mother) whose heredity absolutely consisted of no clans, or class of degenerates.

That is the very and main reason why my beautiful and powerful ancestors “had me since I was a baby”, unconditionally loving, protecting, and guiding me along through out the way with my special spirits and spirit guides and Orishas because I was truly and benevolently of them.

Still and all, and regardless of my qualities, disposition, and mentality, I have these low scale individuals who endeavor to manipulate the tides of nature by asserting the mechanisms of black magic that will never come into play.


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9th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice post!

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Thank you.

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