Significance of Models in Architecture

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Model making is very important in Architecture. A 3-D model helps to understand the various aspects of 2-D drawings which is very difficult to a ordinary person.

Why We Make Models

Architectural models creates an interesting presentations. These are valuable tools, providing developers, architects and other professionals with a 3-D model to visualize how a project will appear. Models helps to understand exactly what the building will look like as they are tangible objects that represent the structure to be built. Sometimes, It is even helpful in obtaining permits.
Models can be made for the exterior of buildings including landscaping. Interior models are intended to show interior spaces planning, finishes, and beautification. Landscape design and urban design models which usually represent many city blocks or town.
They can demonstrate to building teams the particulars of a complicated or unique design. They’re also utilized as showpieces in prestigious buildings and museum exhibits.

How to select material for model making

Material selection has a great impact on how a model "feels". Hence, it'll depend on what you are trying to achieve for your architecture model. Models can be made using card stock, polystyrene, balsa and bass wood, foam boards and many other materials. As a matter of fact, you could use any type of materials if you have to.


Bristol board is one of the most standard material used in architecture models. Bristol board is uncoated, machine finished board. It provides to working surfaces and has a homogeneous color throughout. This means that the edges of the board are the same color as the flat surfaces. Main advantage of it is that 1mm bristol board is available.


There are many types of foam, common ones being compressed foamboard, styrofoam & blue foam.Foam is extremely useful to create volumes,compared to board. The commonly used foam is styrofoam. It is soft and easy to cut, BUT not easy to work with. It comes in either blocks or sheets of certain thickness. The main problem with styrofoam is that the blade used must be extremely sharp and knife-work must be accurate to cut the material.


Wood is another a primary materials that is used to make architectural models. There are two main types of wood for model making - bass and balsa wood.
Balsa is the cheaper alternative but it is soft and snaps easily. For higher quality work, bass wood is preferred. It has a fine finish and texture compared to balsa.


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