Signs of Spirits Around YOU

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Signs that spirits may be around you or trying to communicate with you.

Signs of Spirits Around YOU

I believe that spirits are all around us and i truly believe that they do try to contact us and play games with us.

One day i was sat watching TV and i heard some foot steps coming down the stairs very slowly, i called up to the kids to stop messing about on the stairs and they called back to me saying that they weren't. The really weren't, they had called to me from their bedroom and wouldn't have had time to run from the stairs back to their room, there was no one else in the house.

Another time i was again watching television and all of a sudden the volume seemed to tune out and instead i could hear some buzzy noises like static in my left ear, I had never suffered from any ringing in the ears or anything and this wasn't ringing it was like some kind of energy, the buzzing stopped and then i actually heard a male voice whispering hurriedly to me, god knows what he said, i was shocked and ill admit scared that i didn't pay attention or make anything out.

Then as quickly as it happened it stopped and then i could hear the telly normally again.

I do believe that an angel or my spirit guide or a spirit of a deceased love one was trying to contact me that day, but i think they only will do so if you are ready, they could sense i was really scared and so went away again.

Here are some signs that a spirit may be near you.

A change in temperature, maybe you will feel colder or have like a warm sensation inside, or you may feel like you have pins and needles.

If you are very sensitive you may have a knowing, you may sense that there is spirit near you, maybe you can feel their energy. Or you may hear them talking to you in your head, it may sound like your own voice or you may get images or hear another voice not your own.

It is said that spirits can tap into our electricity when they are trying to communicate with us so if you notice the television being turned up or switching channels all by itself it may be a spirit, and take note of whats on the screen as it may be a sign from spirit.

Spirits may send us signs such as finding white feathers a lot on the ground, some people even have found them in their house.

Some people sometimes dream of people that have passed on or their guides or guardian angels, listen carefully to these dreams as they may have a message for you.


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author avatar Sherri Granato
25th Aug 2014 (#)

Very cool.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
14th Jan 2015 (#)

Great article! Thank you for sharing. I have heard about electricity and spirits. Smiles to you today.

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