Silence is Golden

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"Silence is Golden", a quotation that rings true as its core.The ability to remain quiet and in control of oneself during the appropriate time is a profitable and undervalued skill, I shall discuss this further below.

The Use of Language

At its essence, speech and language are used as a method of communication between two individual entities; of course however this only works when the two of them can understand the sounds being projected towards them are understood. I describe language as a "sound" as once you see it for what is truly is, that's all it indeed is, a noise that can be decoded to give meaning when stringed together. Of course, the understanding of these sounds are generally only understood by those within the same culture, meaning one either has to study hard to understand particular language or have a means of translation. Many of us are blinded by the thought that words carry power especially within the media, however the significance of the sounds we hear are only power for those that understand it therefore it's a man-made only thing. Language cannot be traced as a fact of the Universe therefore it cannot be defined as enlightening knowledge, the knowledge it holds is nothing more than what we have as a society given it.

The use of language however has become a necessity when groups come together to try and reach a common goal. If two individual parties need to clarify their next objectives in order to reach a stated conclusion, then the use of speech and translation becomes most apparent.

Over-usage of Sound

The Over-usage of language has become exceedingly common which can lead to disarray, disarray in your agenda and cause mixed opinions from others. This has more to do with what people call "small talk" or "idle chit chat", which on the surface may seem unworthy of your attention. Ask yourself, can you think of a situation where you've been around someone and you've made a possible negative mental note to yourself about such person due to a flippant remark? I can imagine more than most of you can. Irrelevant conversation often wants to find itself to become an interesting one, and naturally this comes about by emphasis when in-fact the topic is mainly about wanting to be more effective. We can probably look back on times when we've fallen into this category ourselves and regretted doing so. There's an increased habit of people talking about what they're going to do or how they feel about certain things for effect. What we don't tend to realize, is that people remember this as irrationality as the unfortunate ability to lack control over their own motives, this can lead to misconstrued opinions which deviate from the actions you take in life which is where the true content of your character is defined.

With the rise of technology, political leaders feel the constant need to address their intentions often without a convincingly detailed methodology of how their going to achieve it, this like previously mentioned can lead to empty promises and feelings of irresponsibility towards those in power. If words are to be spoken, have them done clearly for those who really need it to save having to possibly re-explain yourself in the future. There's also the common man who has a wide access to social media as anyone else, many of which people abuse in a constant mission for acknowledgement and appraisal. Reflect upon yourself and ask what people do and don't need to know, take control of the life you wish to lead and the relevant witnesses will see all that matters.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

"Actions Speak Louder than Words", ironic that a sentence carries such weight and meaning. When we leave this world and pass on, what's remembered about us by our family and those who witness what we've done? It's our actions especially those towards/for others be they morally sound or not that resonate within their memories. The private conversations we have remain inside of those we have them with but that doesn't mean they can't take effect and bloom if it was of noble intention.

We're all familiar with Martin Luther King Jr's. famous speech "I Have a Dream" which is a perfect example of unity between action and words. As a leader and a figure, he displayed the inner passions of his heart and stated where he envisioned to take the future. He stated his goal and everyone who needed to know, in his case being the world, knew exactly what his agenda was. All that remained afterwards was the ability to act upon it, which he and those he inspired did. The use of language and speech brought about a defining moment of the century by bringing people together. Although we accept language is man-made, 'I Have a Dream' exemplifies its power and ability over those that understand it when used articulately during communication.

Do Nothing in Excess

In life, we don't do anything more than what's required in order to survive; we don't physically carry more than what's necessary from one location to another, we don't add more blankets to ourselves once our bodies are warm enough as we'd get too hot, we don't continue to drink once our thirst has been quenched, so why should we continues to speak when not required? If people are part of a unit or team heading towards a stated goal, then what reason does he have to speak and stir conflict as he should want nothing more than to fulfill his role? If a man has a problem with another fellow then who else needs to know other than the one in question? If you truly love someone then what other words need be spoken other than providing love and affection?

The Universe is quiet, sometimes things come together to form something new within the chaos we call 'Space' but when they're apart there's tranquility. As the Universe is our origin, we can learn from the way it behaves and implement it into our own lives.


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author avatar ethel ngala
27th Feb 2017 (#)

i love this write up.i enjoyed reading it because i figured out silence is really golden.i use silence to bring people to self realization and consciousness.

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