Sir Mark Cubbon began his career in the English East India Company

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The first work of Mark Cubbon is he shifted the capital Mysore to Bangalore.

Sir Mark Cubbon 1834 – 1861

Sir Mark Cubbon began his career in the English East India Company. In 1834 he was appointed as the commissioner of Mysore as he was known for his honesty and integrity. As a Commissioner of Mysore Mark Cubbon worked for its development.

The first work of Mark Cubbon is he shifted the capital Mysore to Bangalore. The State of Mysore under him comprised of four administrative divisions Patana Ashtagrama, Chitraduga, Nagar and Bangalore. Each of these decisions was headed by a European superintendent. Mark Cubbon shifted the secretariat to Tipu's palace in Bangalore. The secretariat comprised of departments like Revenue, Military, agriculture, post and son on.

The judicial administration was reorganized. A hierarchy of courts was established. Munsiff Court at the local level, above which were superintending courts and the Huzur adalat. The commissioner's court was the highest court. There was a judicial commissioner who assisted Mark Cubbon. The Mysore state comprised of 120 Taluks called Amils each of which functioned under an official called Amildar below the Animals were group of villages called Hobils which functioned under a Hoblidar. Revenue collection was entrusted to an official called Shirastedar. Mark Cubbon used native language in the administrative sphere.

Mark Cubbon constructed roads to the length of more than 1600 miles. The capital city Bangalore was linked with important places. Telegraphic wires were strung. The first railway line was laid in Karnataka which linked Bangalore with Jolarpet 91859). he also encouraged the starting of English medium schools. Mark Cubbon collected revenue efficiently. In 1834 – 35 the revenue collection was 69 lakhs and increased to 84 lakhs in 1854 – 55. he also settled Rupees 80 lakhs which is unpaid tributes to the British and the yearly tribute was also regularly paid.

Thus Mark Cubbon developed Mysore by leaps and bounds. During his tenure as a commissioner he laid the first step for developing Mysore into a Modern state. An efficient administrator he was known for his honesty and hard work. When he retired from office he had saved a large amount of Rupees 40 lakhs. The government of Karnataka has honoured Mark Cubbon by naming a park after him in Bangalore namely the Cubbon park.

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