Six Minutes - Successful Thinking Pt. One - I Matter

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Self-image is important to evaluate what direction we take in life. Especially when we begin the successful progress towards a worthy Ideal.

Self-Image Runs The Daily Life

The principle of self-image psychology was discovered by Maxwell Maltz, a plastic-surgeon back in 1960. He found out when he made patients desires of facial change on them, that few of the patient’s attitudes were altered after his work was completed, and some patient’s attitude was not altered at all.

After a great amount of time then it made him go into more research on why people were altered and not, so he spend years writing his theory on psychology and his knowledge found in the book, and later published it with the title Psycho Cybernetics, which Psycho meaning the mind, the control, and Cybernetics meaning ship, the body of the mind.

The principle of this daily Six Minutes to Success is a declaration which is called “I Matter”. I matter is the first one in the series of declarations that is in the program I use to learn success principles and are passing it on to you.

If we make the repeat several times a day that, especially in the morning when we wake up and heading for the mirror, and doing it at night before bedtime, saying I Matter to me and putting in some or much enthusiasm as you can, and everyone else can do it after you have convinced yourself that you matter, because you do matter, and do it for 30 days and every day no interruptions, if we skip one day, then we have to do it all over again, then at some point we will change our belief about I Matter, which is of course the improvement of self-image.


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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
16th Jan 2014 (#)

Good evening, Henningsokholm, a nice article on why positive affirmations work. Glad you stressed that it take 30 days of morning and evening dialogue. Much like the teachers in years gone by having us write a statement 25 times on the blackboard. I'm old enough to remember :) I look forward to your continued series. ~Marilyn

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author avatar spirited
16th Jan 2014 (#)

Interesting idea to improve self confidence, and maybe to even go deeper than that.

Some spiritual teacher once said to me to keep saying I am, I am, and he said you would contact your higher self by doing this, becoming it in the end.

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