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This page gives information about one of the historical methods of human torture and execution.

What is Slow Slicing

Slow slicing is a form of torture and execution used by the Chinese from 900 AD until it's abolishment in 1905. The chinese name is Lingchi. This form of torture is executed by slowly removing flesh from the body, with a knife, until the person is dead some times even after death. This form of punishment is excrutiatingly painful and is performed on those who committed severe crimes. These crimes include murder, treason and abuse.
The other reason for this execution is humiiation and also the spirit will not be whole when entering the afterlife.

How is it executed?

The person who has commited the crime is tied to a wooden fram. Depending on the crime and if the executioner is merciful or not, they victim will be killed first then the cuts will continue. The executioner will start by slicing pieces of flesh of the body and continue until the person is dead. By the Emperors demand, the person's wounds may be wiped with salt water to inflict more pain.
This execution was carried out in public so that onlookers could watch the pain of the victim as they payed for their sins.

Interesting facts

Some executioners injected the victims with opium, a substance used in heroin, so that they would not faint/pass out and to extend the amount of time they have to live.

Some victims had an extremely long life force compared to others. The average amount of time for each execution would last from 15-20 minutes. A eunuch from China in 1510, named Liu Jin, was executed as the most corrupt official in Ancient China. He was famous for being the leader of an organisation called the "Eight Tigers", a powerful group of eunuchs who controlled the imperial court. The emperor ordered Liu executed by death by a thousand cuts over a period of three days, a process that resulted in Liu being cut 3,357 times. According to witnesses, onlookers in Beijing bought his flesh for one qi an (the smallest available currency at the time) and consumed it accompanied with rice wine. Liu died on the second day of his punishment after three to four hundred cuts.

Downfall of slow slicing

In 1905, Shen Jiaben introduced the abolishment. People agreed with the point and stated that this form of punishment was cruel and inhumane.

What I think

I agree with the statement that I wrote above that states that this form of punishment was extremely cruel. The abolishment of this form of punishment shows the development of people.

I hope that this article was interesting!!

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OUCH, dam nasty crazy cruel torture.

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great job bro, even if its on something disgusting D: very informative :D

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i hope toabolishment of execution in islamic country

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