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I rented an apartment in Kennewick Washington. From 2 nice normal looking people, the place wasn't a place to really move into, but i didn't have a choice, to get in they charged me 1600 dollars, I went into the the apartment it was in bad shape, but I saw it was workable. So I went a head and did it, my family and I didn't have a place to go. So not knowing the slum lords the klinginsmiths I went a head and gave him 1600 dollars.


It was December 2009. I just had moved back to the TRI-Cities of Washington State. My family and I were staying in a motel until we could find something. So I looked in the paper and I called the Klinginsmiths and I told them my problem and he said if you have 1600 dollars I have a apartment for you. So I went to look at it and it was trashed, he told me he would have it fixed up in a week, I told him as it is, right now it isn't worth moving in for 1600 dollars, he said you will not find a place any better for 1600, and I promise I will have it fixed in a week.

I knew it would be better then living in a motel, so i did it. I wasn't feeling good about what I had just done, but I knew it was better then where we were. So a week went by and he told me the apartment was ready, so I went there and it was still trashy, well I didn't know the law, I didn't know I could ask for my money back, and I could start over. So I didn't as for it back. We moved in anyway, I took pictures of this place and me and my family were starting to fix what he didn't. It was a mess. I knew I needed to be there until I could find something different.

So I will tell you what it look like, we walked in, the floor was still really dirty, the closet doors there wasn't any. The bath room fans didn't work. There was a big whole in the bathroom siling, the floors were covered in food all over the place. The kitchen was full of food and dirt. The bedroom window was broken. The walls had food and dirt all over them. The front door wouldn't close all the way. The living room floor was coming apart from the edges and there wasn't any border boards. None of the apartment had boarder boards. Th paint was peeling off the walls. The whole place was just really bad, I took pictures of this place and told him I would live here for a short time.
He told me it was a month to month thing, so in 2 months I fixed things and got it to looking better, but then on day the hot water wasn't working, so I called him and he said he would come and see it, but he never did and, he never came to fix anything, he just is a slum lord. So on a raining day of feb, he comes to the door wanting the rent, I told him I was moving that day, he says you know I have to give you a note that you have to leave in 3 days, i said 3 days I will be out too. Then he threw the paper at me and said I will not do anything since this is a month to month contract.

So I moved that day into a really nice house for 550 a month and it was nice, so the month went by I got a letter in the mail, it was a judgement him and Julie put against me.
I never got a chance to go to court, they never sent me any kind of papers to tell what they were doing, now I have a judgement against me from the slum lords. I never even knew what was going on. I want to tell people what I have learned about slum lords.

If you move into a place like did ask for your money back.
if they say no live in your rented place, but don't give them any money until they fix the place up. Have and account with the courts and give your rent money to the courts.
If they don't ever fix it up do it yourself keep the recipts, and show the courts what you have fixed.

i kept all my recipcets, I showed marty klinginsmith he said that means nothing. But I just didn't know all the law. If I new what the laws were I wouldn't have had to pay him. I do now. But I have a really good land lord they fix everything, But Marty is a slum lord.

Now I have a judgement against me and I don't know what to do. I want to go to court and show them the apartment he rented to me here it is, I didn't have a oven at first either, He got me a oven. That is the only thing he did. Here are the pictures of what i rented for 700.00 for 2 months.
My work on this apartment paid for every thing that was done. Any way left because the klinginsmiths are slum lords. Please protect yourself from these kind of people. Check your land lords out just like they check you out. It was BIG lesson to learn.


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I am 58, I have a passion for writing and taking Pictures.I live in Spokane Washington.I am just learning about what I need to know about writing.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
24th Mar 2012 (#)

wow! unbelievable Melinda..hope all goes well for you now...blessings

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author avatar Mardy klinginsmith
13th Sep 2013 (#)

You can write anything on the web without fact check or any validity to it at all.
Lets check some facts,
One you cant get a judgment without serving with a registered letter to the person,
Second If you don't pay your rent you get evicted ,
I have rented to thousands of people over the 30 years and I have two or three evictions a year almost always they cant pay rent and rarely can they take ownership for there mistakes and this is what happens.

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author avatar Teila
26th Mar 2012 (#)

How horrible, sounds like that slum lord doesn't have a conscience.

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
21st Dec 2013 (#)

yeah, he put me down and he don't even know me, I rented from the slum lord for 2 months. It was a meth rentals, all he cared about was getting his money, all the time I was there the kitchen sink linked and he said oh yeah I'll fix that, he never did. Now he and his wife are trashing me, for exposing him, and his rentals. He is a slum lord. So own up to it Mardy and Julie.

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
26th Apr 2012 (#)

He doesn't. he still is renting and I am telling people not to rent from him.

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author avatar Julie
17th Sep 2013 (#)

People need to check out the person writing things on the internet. This particular person has shared about everything bad that's happened to her or done against her (supposedly). Sad that someone can blame everyone else for their problems and not take the responsibility for them. You create most of the problems you have - like Ms. Bocook has. Now she needs to take responsibility for them. That's why there are courts. They help set right the wrongs done by others.

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
21st Dec 2013 (#)

To the klinginsmiths, You can say what you want, but you people are slum lords. I will continue to let people know what your doing. I am a stand up person, I don't do wrong to people like you to have.
I do what is right, and I don't think you have any idea of who I really am. I am happy you read the truth about what you do to people.

I would have never let anyone move in a place like the one you let me rent, I paid you every month, You let people that were on meth in your rentals, cops were always up in your rentals, because of all the Meth you let be made in your Rentals.
You have no idea who I am. You have lied to all your people who you rent to. You cane pounding on my door because I was 2 dollars behind on my rent the month I was there. You told me month to month, you never evicted me, I left before you could do it, Then you put a Judgement on me, and you never sent out papers. so who is in the wrong here, did you really expect me to stay in a place that was Meth related and dirty like you rented it. The judgement you put on me will never be paid. As for you Julie I pray that you get a better heart, God know's what you do to people. I will nver pay that judgement and life goes on. You people are liars, and you take advantage of your renters. I know I was one. Your rentals are trashed and the code and health department know. God bless people like you. God will be the one to take care of all of us. You put a judgement and you will never get paid, What good did it do you. What good did it do any one or your Renters. You two need to take responsibility on all the wrongs you to people you rent from. That is all I have to say about that. You did wrong not only to me, but to every renter you to advantage of. God know's who I am, you don't.

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author avatar Juie
18th Sep 2013 (#)

Here is a website for court case searches for the state of Washington: Under "Search for Person" click on "Name Search". Follow screens and then type Melinda Bocook into first/last name. Its amazing how many cases she's been involved in and almost all of them are as a defendant. You be the judge as to the accuracy of what Melinda has to say.

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
21st Dec 2013 (#)

Julie I am a advocate, and those sites you have to pay for, you will find in those sites about me how I saved people from going to jail. If I was a bad person, why did you rent to me, why because I am not a felon, but then again you Rented to a lot of meth heads, and felons. You didn't go by the law at all. What I found about you and Mardy is why beyond all right. You don't know me, you can say what you want, and they will be found out to be lies, just like you and Mardy. I know now it wasn't your husband really that put the judgement on me it was you julie, it says it on my report about you. You see I have a better in sight on who you and your so called husband really are, you have been reported more then once, and alot of people who don't know you will get one of your rental homes, then they will find out what you really do, and how your really treat them, they can bet you will collect the money and that will be it. So there you have it, people if you ever go to the TRI-Cites never rent from the Julie and Mardy klingensmith, check out your land lords they could be like these 2. It was Julie who did the judgement and Mardty did it to.

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author avatar Melinda Bocook
21st Dec 2013 (#)

Julie you lie again they don't have my name any where on your Site, lol boy you really need to get your information right, no where on that site has my name. Well god know's who I am you and Mardy don't. Go clean up your rentals and become good people. Show the people in the Tri-cites you can be standing up right for people.

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author avatar Debbie gagnon
14th Apr 2015 (#)

Ya his son sean kliningsmith is just as bad if not worse,who in there. Right mind doesn't make a mortgage payment for almost 3 yrs behind 54,000,000 and won't fix a single thing ,hummmm now thats a slumlord,and make us pay our own garbage
,he will be sued

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