Smalling Your Carbon Footprint

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How to become aware of and shrink your Carbon Footpring


I live in the Third World.
Electricity and Water are not certainties.

Lights work most of the time, unless some one crashes into a utility pole
than it's gone for hours while the only electric company takes its time.

A hurricane means no electricity for days.
Considering we get a hurricane or a tropical storm or a heavy rain
at least once a year, we know the dangers of relying on electricity.

Water runs in the pipes, most of the time.
Unless there's a drought, or a flood.
If there's a drought we will have 'lock offs'
If there's a flood the pipes will wash away, mud will get into the pipes, and
so water will be gone for quite a few days.

Many things taken for granted in the 1st World may go 'scarce' in the
Third, so one learns not to waste anything. Conservation is forced by price
and availability.

To visit America is not just another country, it is a totally different world.

A world of waste, a world of carelessness, where the people assume there's
a never ending supply of whatever it is they are using.

The People

The first thing I noticed in Florida was that the people were really fat.
There are fat people where I live but they aren't that fat.
And there aren't so many of them.

Right now, there's a fat woman living in that house. Here she is enormous,
in American, she'd be average.

What startled me was when I went to the supermarket I thought those fat people
on the carts were unable to walk, not that they were too fat too walk.

I spent some time with people who were obviously intending to be fat.
The Amount of food they ate at one meal is the amount four people
would share, and for many that would be the only meal of the day.

But what really shocked me was how they squander things.

Random Waste

The air conditioner ran twenty four hours a day.
Twenty Four Hours and was set to 75o.
It wasn't that hot outside, opening the windows and getting cross ventilation
would have been enough, for on most days the temperature bearly climbed
above 80o.

Yet, the people I stayed with would leave the air conditioner on all night, even
when the temperature outside would drop. All night I'd hear the air conditioner
cutting out, because it had hit it's 75o mark.

Every day when the people left for work, I'd shut off the air con, open the
windows. When they came home, even if the temperature was actually
73o outside, they'd shut the windows, switch on the air con.

When they shopped they bought so much, that each week they had to
throw away fruits and other items that had gone bad.

Why buy so much?

Then there was driving.
They drove everywhere, and in more than one car.
It was not surprising to see the husband in his car, the wife in hers and
another friend in hers driving from one place to another.
The idea of using one car was an insult.

They threw away cell phones, computers, clothes, anything was tossed out.
They made so much garbage in one week, it was impossible to believe there
were only two adults who lived in this house.

They had as much garbage as a small hotel.

It is not just money

In the Third World everything is expensive.
Electricity, even for the smallest unit can run a weeks pay at minimum wage.
In America it is cheap enough to be unfelt.
Hence the amount of fuel burnt per home, (taking this home as standard) is
far beyond need.

If these people had any care for 'green house gases' they would learn to


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11th Dec 2015 (#)

Who was it who said that in Florida everything is in the 80s - the ages, the temperatures and the IQs?

I agree with you - the average American does nothing like enough to cut their emissions of greenhouse gases, and they are going to have to do so. Ironically enough, one of the firtst places to sink beneath the waves when sea levels rises over the next centiry or so will be Florida!

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author avatar kaylar
11th Dec 2015 (#)

i don't know who said it...but it was very strange to be there.

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