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Why you should adopt animals from shelters and the benefits of having an older pet

Why a shelter?

Animals shelters are overloaded with dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, etc. The shelters try to get all the animals adopted but there are many animals who stay there for years because no one is interested. Many people who want a pet get them as babies from the owners of their mothers or from pet shops. Not everyone goes to a shelter.

There are excellent reasons why you should get your pet at a shelter. Pet stores charge you up to $2,000 for a full bred animal while shelters charge under $100. Shelter animals are more appreciative of having a real home and getting attention since they don't get much attention at a shelter. This is because most shelters are very overcrowded. Shelter life is not that pleasant and the animals who are older know that they came from a dismal existence. They become overjoyed to find a family has adopted them.

Older pets versus babies

Most people adopting a pet want to get a puppy or a kitten but it actually makes sense to get a pet six months or older. For one thing they have usually had all their shots. They are also more inclined to have had all the illnesses that kittens and puppies will get.

Are you equipped for a pet?

Before adopting an animal, people should make sure they can make the commitment. If they adopt a baby animal, that commitment can be as long as twenty years, depending on the type of pet. Many cats live to be twenty or older.

The home the pet is being brought to should be suitable for that type of animal. Some people will actually bring a large dog into a small apartment. It doesn't work. Big dogs need lots of room to run around whether inside or outside.

Preparing prospective pet owners for their pet is essential. We need to reduce the amount of unwanted animals dropped off at the shelters, or even worse, abandoned.

Showing the animals

Some shelters do all they can do to get the animals adopted. This of course, depends on the available funds but one effective method is to put photos of the animals on the internet. This seems to make an enormous difference. Seeing a pet that you can easily imagine bringing to your home to love makes the process easier. Shelter animals also make occasional appearances at pet stores and functions such as local ball games. Advertising their appearances beforehand helps..


I have met many pet owners who are more than satisfied that they chose an animal shelter for their search. All of the pets I have owned were adopted from shelters. There is a special love these creatures have for us.


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author avatar Michelle Stanley
27th Nov 2013 (#)

Nice article. There is a vast difference in the sales price of the pet shops and shelter. I like the method used for advertising the animals - showing them at games etc. Like you said, the shelter does all they can, and needs assistance. People should volunteer their time to help. It would be nice to get senior citizens homes involved and work out something. The animals need love and some residents are lonely, so they should be able devise a plan where the residents could take the animals for walks, etc. They don't have to adopt. but it's therapeutic for both. Michelle

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author avatar waterhorse
27th Nov 2013 (#)

Yes, that's an excellent idea Michelle! Bring together seniors and homeless animals. Two groups that need each other!

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Nov 2013 (#)

Stop breeding and adopt shelter pets is a great idea as well give thoe nice anials a loving home, Nice post and Happy Thanksgiving!

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author avatar waterhorse
30th Nov 2013 (#)

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you, Fern!

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author avatar Mariah
1st Dec 2013 (#)

Animal shelters are a God send,
great post waterhorse.

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author avatar waterhorse
2nd Dec 2013 (#)

Yes they are. I wouldn't adopt an animal from anywhere else.

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author avatar Claudia J. Rodriguez
8th Jan 2014 (#)

Terrific subject and very well written. I totally agree.

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author avatar Connie McKinney
22nd Jan 2014 (#)

Agreed. I get all my pets from the shelter. Nice article.

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