Smart Spending on Hydroponic Gardening

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One of the most important features of hydroponic systems is the cost saving aspect. So it makes sense not to break the bank in setting your system up.

Don't Over Spend on Hydroponic Gardening

One of the most important features of hydroponic systems is the cost saving aspect. So it makes sense not to break the bank in setting your system up.

The most common mistake made when setting up hydroponic systems is buying cheap. OK, OK, I know I just said don't break the bank. What I mean is getting bad quality or used equipment that will cost a more in the long run.

It's better to buy your operating equipment new and make sure it's all reputable, quality stuff. These are items that will be with you for a long time, and buying smart in the beginning will save you cash, potential crop losses and stress in the long haul.

One of these requirements in setting up hydroponic systems that can be deceptive is your lighting system. Fluorescent lights may seem attractive at first, but once you figure replacement frequency and costs against their actual benefits they don't make a lot of sense.

It also doesn't make sense to install a gazillion watt hanging light for a couple of tomato plants. Try to accurately assess your needs and buy no more or less than is needed to maintain the hydroponic systems.

Building your own system can save you money right from the get go. Look for component suppliers rather than those that supply complete systems. Complete hydroponic systems are convenient but you pay a premium for that convenience.

Try and buy the individual components and put the system together yourself. Don't be put off by the project. Hydroponic systems aren't that complex.

Invest in really good quality digital ballasts for your lighting. One of your biggest running costs over time is the power bill, and the majority of that is run up on lighting. Digital ballasts are far more energy efficient and keep the grow room cooler. They may cost more, but need replacing a lot less.

When installing hydroponic systems, you should also look at planning planter layouts to maximize space and available light. Make sure planters are placed far enough apart to allow for adult canopies to have enough space and light exposure.

Also be careful of how you mix species up in different hydroponic systems. An expensive ebb and flow system is great for lettuce, but will probably kill off your strawberries whose coronas rot easily with excess water exposure.

To keep costs under control and to maximize the profit from hydroponic systems is really not that difficult. Costs can also be cut by making your own nutrient mixes, trying to maximize on natural lighting where available and making sure there are no leaks in the system.

It may sound petty, but if you take care of the small stuff the bigger issues seem to fall into place on their own. In this way one can ensure that running hydroponic systems remains a profitable pleasure.


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