Snake-skinned Children: The Beginning

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A summary about the mysterious snake-skinned children in India

The Viscious Act

All the holy books of any religion always tell humans to lead a selfless life without harming any living being. According to karma, the consequences of our bad deeds and rewards of our good deeds come back to us sometimes later in life and sometimes instantaneously. This was what was experienced by a truck driver in Jalna city of India when one night he found himself caught in a traffic jam. This traffic jam resulted due to a large pregnant snake lying in the middle of the road. People waited for long hoping that the snake will cross the road eventually. But the snake was not at all moving and people were helpless in front of that big super scary snake. But this truck driver got uneasy having to wait for so long time and he considered everything happening around as nuisance until finally he decided to drive over that pregnant snake to dissolve the traffic jam and thereby carry on with his work. People told him not to drive over a snake which was about to lay eggs giving life to tiny little ones, as sin of such a vicious act might bring him bad luck and his life might get cursed. But the truck driver smirked at them and killed the innocent mother.

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