Snakes Snakes and More Snakes - Yikes !

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Most people probably cringe when they see a snake, especially if said snake is in their own backyard.

Snakes Snakes and More Snakes - Yikes !

Most people probably cringe when they see a snake, especially if said snake is in their own backyard. This is not a problem we usually have but I do cringe ever time I hear my neighbors gun go off. Poor fellow is infested with snakes. He frequently finds them in his home as well as under his home and in his yard.

He knows he needs to clean out the rubbish and has been working on that for a while now. Yesterday he got a bit by an oak snake. Fortunately for him this is not the first time he's been bit and he is not allergic.

Many people don't know that even if you are bitten by a non-poisonous snake you could still die or wind up in the hospital if you are allergic to the bite. I know this to be true as several years ago another neighbors nephew died from an oak snake bite. Oak snakes are not poisonous. That was a tragedy as the family were having a huge get-together that day. Not one person had any idea the child was allergic, by the time they did it was too late.

I've shared with my neighbor many times how we keep snakes out of our yard but nothing he does seems to work for him. I'm thinking it's because he's a bit of a pack-rack, raises chickens and has a very shady yard.

So to make sure his snakes don't migrate to my yard I just bought my yearly box of moth balls. Yes, I know they are poisonous if ingested or inhaled too heavily by humans or other animals. Some of the snakes in these parts are poisonous too; rattlers, copper heads and moccasins to name a few.

I take the moth balls and drop them every couple of feet or so along our property line. Using my foot I press them into the ground. I use more on the side next to my neighbors house for obvious reasons. I also use more along the back fence where it gets more woody and I toss a few (two or three) underneath my husbands workshop and a couple under the house. I always press them into the ground just in case some animal comes along to investigate (cats especially are not bothered by the smell).

Having done this for years I have seen nothing bad come of it. We have lived here many years and have only seen 3 snakes in our yard. One the year I forgot to put out mothballs. And two a couple of years ago when our neighbor had some trees and rubbish removed.

We just hear our neighbors gun go off again, three quick shots. That means he either just shot one multiple times or he just shot three, not unusual for him.

I'm off now to put out those moth balls. Enjoy your day and be careful, spring and summer are times when snakes and biting insects come out in full force.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th May 2015 (#)

Snakes are never welcome anywhere - better to take precaution. Thanks for the tips too - siva

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author avatar Max
19th May 2015 (#)

I hate snakes !

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author avatar Miraye
19th May 2015 (#)

Some Snakes are dangerous. But some are not.

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author avatar Hannah
19th May 2015 (#)

Do the moth balls poison the snakes, or are they just a deterrent?

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