Social Benefits of Balloon Festivals

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Summer is the season for outdoor activities and glowing functions. Balloon festivals are part of social life celebrated throughout America, entertaining young and old.

Hot air Ballon Festivals

Hot air balloon festivals are held all over the world throughout the year, allowing hot air balloons to gather people and participate in various activities. These Balloon Festivals include balloon races, various competitions and evening “night glows”, in which balloons are fired while remaining tethered to the ground. Balloon Festivals are popular in the USA boosting individual as well as social lives of all kinds of people. They promote friendship and sportive spirit.

Balloon Festival is an occasion of family and community entertainment. Balloon racing develops sportive spirit, community involvement, and provides healthy entertainment for all. Balloon festivals bring together communities into united activities.

Balloon Festival at Canton

A Balloon Festival was organized at Kent State University Campus at Stark, Canton in Ohio to mark its Balloon Classic Invitational 25 Year history. The three-day program celebrated from July 29, 2011 on behalf of the Canton regional and Jackson- Belden Chambers of Commerce had been an occasion of pleasure to thousands of people of not only of Canton and Akron but also from cities around. The Balloon Luminary or the Night Glow is a special attraction of the festival events that never fail to draw thousands exciting both the pilots and the spectators. Dozens of balloons participate in the balloon race. Enshrinement Festival’ annual photo contests provide active participation of artists making it more exciting.

As usual, the “Dawn Patrol” marked the start of this year’s Balloon Festival with five balloons launching into the pre-dawn sky providing an excellent break-feast of beautiful sky luminary for Stark County’s early risers.

Now, it is natural to think if there is any benefit to spend such an enormous amount of energy and money to while away time during these three days.

Social benefits of Balloon Festivals

1) A break if the fast race of computer life

In today’s hyper-connected, globalized world, life has become a computer cocoon of consumerism and commercialism. Man has no time to sit back and relax. His eyes are bridled from sights of natural world. Balloon festival is a time to enjoy fun through colorful events.

2) Entertaining the family and community

When life has become a selfish fast race, Balloon Festival provides an occasion for building up families and communities. It is a time to get away from the monotonous life to get your cameras ready, sit back, relax and enjoy life as the night sky comes alive. It feasts eyes with brilliant shows of balloon race, fireworks and other sportive events. It appeases taste buds of the tongue with delicious foods provided at Food Fest stalls. It brings together hearts in fun and joy.

3) Occasion of fun and entertainments

Balloon festivals entertain young and old with various activities of fun and sports, providing opportunities to entertain and enjoy. They feast your mind and eyes with balloon rides, competition racing, tethered balloon rides and attractive balloon glow.

4) Developing sportive spirit

Balloon festivals develop sportive spirit and coordinated work through competitions such as balloon rides, competition racing, face painting, kiddie games and other concerts.

5) An incentive to small businessmen

Festivals are occasions supporting small business people who make the occasion lively with colorful stalls of entertaining games, funny events, mouthwatering food items and other things. They help food vendors through carnival stalls of sweets and yummy food items.

Balloon Festivals bring together hearts scattered in the modern selfish world. They strengthen and build up individuals, families and societies. The roaring burning of ignition will burn your monotonous selfishness and ignite your social life by lifting your hearts to soaring heights of joy and cheer when the colorful balloons fly up against the backdrop of the dark night sky.


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What wonderful way to spend time with the family....thanks for sharing....

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It is a wonderful entertainment. Thank you my dear sister Starrleena.

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Hot air ballon festivals look like lots of fun.
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A beautiful page, vpaulose, and wonderful images. These was a pleasure to read..

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Thanks that you enjoyed it, my dear sister Songbird.

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