Social Network Marketing 101: Etiquette

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How to use social networking in your blog where as Hordes of business people have been using these sites as platforms to deliver their message to the masses that in many cases are very willing to form a connection.

Social networking - Business Platform

Social networking sites like Facebook, Yuwie, Twitter, MySpace, as well as business oriented social sites like LinkedIn and Better Net-worker can be great places to connect with a host of different people. After all, these sites were developed as a means for people to do just that, connect, network and communicate.

Hordes of business people have been using these sites as platforms to deliver their message to the masses that in many cases are very willing to form a connection. Or at least they are until they get bombarded with product and opportunity pitches from the less than coy marketers or high-pressure sales-types.

The unknowing or uncaring online marketers that make quick connections and then turn to instantly pitch their goods have lost sight of the main purpose for these communities - to socialize!

That doesn’t mean there will never be a time where an introduction to your business is appropriate but there is definitely a right and wrong approach in presenting it.

Increase Interactions

For those of us who have been involved in blog creation and using the traditional or old school network marketing approaches (hammer the warm market, employ the three foot rule, etc.), we quickly learned the “quick pitch” methods tended to make people very gun-shy. (Now there is an understatement for you!)

Our new connections on the social networking sites are usually more sensitive then those in our warm market with an added disadvantage: they can disown us with a mere click of a mouse button.

More care is definitely needed when approaching our new-found online friends. It is crucial to be open and authentic during your interactions and make an earnest effort to build a relationship with them long before mentioning your business.

Here are a few key points you should remember when networking with new friends on the social networks:

-Be social first and keep talk of your business off-limits until a true relationship is formed or an inquiry is made. Even if the other party asks first, if it is early in the relationship it is often best to keep it to the generalities and let the discussion build over time. Don’t rush it!;
-When the relationship starts to solidify mention a general statement about the business (but never the details). It is usually best to do so towards the end of conversations or messages;
-When enough time has passed a great low key approach would be to describe a situation that might relate to a problem or good news and seek your contact’s opinion or advice;
-When they are ready, your friend will open the door in their own way so be ready to listen first and then respond to the questions, just don’t rush into your pitch when the door cracks open.


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