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By using the correct social networking and social skills to build up your accounts you can see huge increase in the readers of your work. This article covers a few of these social media principals.

Important Social Media Principals

The marketing landscape is changing due to social networking and social skills improving by the day. New ideas are put into motion by businesses using social networks and the playing field just keeps on expanding.

But not all of these social networking and social skills work out - what worked last year is suddenly not working this year and figures are not adding up. You need solid social marketing principals to survive and you need to implement them in everything you do!

One of the top social networking and social skills is this ability to share - and I don't mean just share your own work. You need to 'man up' and promote like minded content on your social accounts as well as your own. Also look into what people want to share and then write about it and share it yourself.

How often do you stick around your social accounts? If it's just fleeting visits to post or promote your latest blog post then forget it - you are already on the slippery slope to failure. You need to use your accounts in 'real time'. This means you must be available to reply to most ( if not all ) comments on your timeline and opinions. The days of publishing months in advance are fast disappearing as the market may have changed in that time and people want their info/advice now!

One of the social networking and social skills people can do without these days is the need to sell. I see this way to often on various social networks and it doesn't fit into any social principal that's deemed positive. You want to educate people you don't want to sell to them - you are trying to create connections and in turn followers of your work. Sales will follow but in a much more natural format.

Don't just stick to one channel either - you need to be everywhere 24 hours a day if possible. Use your social networking and social skills on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and whatever other social platforms you find success through.

One of the most important social networking and social skills that is overlooked is the ability to LISTEN. Remember listen to your audience and they will tell you what they want, what solutions they need for their problems and then provide it. All social networks offer pretty effective comment sections for every post. Here is where you will find very valuable points on where you are going wrong and what you can do to rectify things.


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