Social psychological aspects of clothing

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Fibre is very fine hair- like basic unit whereas the fabric is the product made from yarns which in turn are comprised of fibres.

Clothing affects behaviour

1. Clothing helps in perception of people-  clothing create first impression. Clothing tells the observer something about the wearer.
2. Clothing affects behaviour – we use clothing terms to describe the type of job e.g. `white collar worker'. The labouring man will wear `work clothes'. Is fireman may wear a sport shirt etc. In every culture men and women dress differently.
3.Choice of clothing – choice of clothing varies due to values, interests, attitudes and moods of the people. When a patient tries to improving his grooming, the doctor considers the patient recuperating.

Fibre and fabric

Fibre is very fine hair- like basic unit whereas the fabric is the product made from yarns which in turn are comprised of fibres.
1. any product capable of being woven or otherwise made into fabrics
2. the smallest unit of any textile material
3. a bundle of molecules whose length is much more than its width.

Synthetic textile fibres

Previously, only the fibres found in nature were known like cotton, linen, wool, silk, etc. By the latter half of last century, the production of synthetic fibres too started. There are many types of synthetic textile fibres known today.

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author avatar jenny1015
31st Jul 2013 (#)

Whatever type of clothes we were, it somehow reflects our personality and how we feel at the moment .

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
31st Jul 2013 (#)

Texture is just one of it, that depends on the type of weave that is done.
The fibre is of two types in natural cotton, long staple and short staple. Long staple is usually seen in Egyptian Cotton items and Short Staple is in the Indian soil grown mainly in the black soil growing regions.
Silk originated in China and the world around got it because of smuggling of silk worms and mulberry.
The psychological aspects of clothing are based on the patterns that are worn although Raw silk and pure cotton are extremely expensive to purchase as they are natural fibre and the rest contain Polyester Viscose Yarn which is interwoven with natural fibres to get cheaper material and longer durability.
I personally love wearing Raw Silk (other varieties depending on the patterning), Cotswool, Pure Wool, Cotton which has been so since childhood although, I do love laces and cotton based woolen clothing devoid of nylon.
My dad should have been around, he would have taken you to the source where the fibres come to life as he was a hand specialist cotton selector and I learnt the trade only by observing him at work. Know the whole process.

None the less, Royalty love fabics of rich taste and mostly natural or lace and I come from such an upbringing via lineage although I never share it but just dress it as that is the way I am.

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