Software To Protect Your Privacy

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List of software to protect your privacy from hackers!

Software To Protect Your Privacy

Everybody who uses a computer has at least a dozen documents on their hard drive that contain confidential information. These can be your bank statements, copies of your passport, documents containing your social security number, and so on. Not to mention documents with saved passwords and PIN codes. If these documents get stolen or if hackers manage to gain access to them, you will be in trouble. Your identity may be stolen and your bank account may be cleared. On top of that, terrorists may act using you identity. Not something you would want to happen. That's why it's essential to protect your privacy and make sure your confidential information stays safe. Here are five software programs that will help you protect your privacy.

1. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes is one of the best malware removers available today. Not only is it very effective and easy to use, but it's also free. This program can work together with your anti-virus without conflicting with it. That's because the free version only works as an on-demand scanner. But even that is enough because Malwarebytes finds infections that other security applications miss.

2. Easy File Shredder

Easy File Shredder is a program that will make sure your deleted files can't be recovered by malicious persons. Not only can it shred files beyond recovery, but it can also clean-wipe free disk space, so that all previously deleted data is gone for ever. A digital file shredder is needed because when you simply delete a file, it can easily be undeleted with file recovery software (try it - download the free Recuva and scan your disk. You will be amazed at the number of files that can be undeleted). But when you deleted files using a file shredder, they are completely destroyed and can't be restored.

3. SensiGuard

Have you ever heard of file encryption? That's something that secret services and large banks use to protect top secret information. But did you know that you can use encryption to protect your files from prying eyes? There is no need to be James Bond - you can use encryption software without having to learn any of the techy stuff. And SensiGuard is a program that will help you. It's really easy to use despite working with complicated 256-bit AES encryption algorithms. With its help you can protect your files that contain your private information, so that only you can access them.

4. CCleaner

If you like to keep your computer fast, then you must know CCleaner. This great freebie has been a faithful companion of computer enthusiasts for years. But how can it help you protect your privacy? Easy - CCleaner deletes things like temporary Internet files and cookies. These files can sometimes store your login details, which means that hackers can easily access them. But if you delete these files using CCleaner, they will be gone for good.

5. Roboform

Every single online account requires a password. We all know that it's good to have long, complicated passwords. We also know that it's dangerous to use the same password on multiple websites. But we still do it. Why? Becuase long, complicated passwords are really hard to remember. Well, Roboform is the program that will let you use the most complicated passwords without the risk of ever losing them. This password manager will store all your passwords and let you access them in a quick and easy way. It will also keep your passwords secure as it encrypts them using a special algorithm. It will also let you fill online forms in one click, which is really handy.

These five software programs will help you protect your privacy and make sure no hackers will ever be able to access you personal information.


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