Some Important And Interesting Rules in Cricket Game

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There are many interesting rules in a cricket game. This article shares in brief about some of the important and interesting rules.


1. The decision by field Umpire is the final one. Sometimes the decision taken by the field Umpire may be wrong but still his decision is valid and will be considered as final one. But in recent days since there is a third Umpire, if a player appeals against the field Umpire, he can raise a clarification to the third Umpire.

2. Deciding whether to ask Third Umpire or not for a decision is also a decision of field Umpire.

3. If a bowler continuously bowls no balls which pitch and raise too high and if it possibly cause injury to batsman, then the field Umpire can warn the bowler and can call no ball.

4. Causing damage to balls through any external objects is illegal and the bowler will be fined in such cases.

5. Any team should not waste the time in field in any case. If the players of a team waste time in any method, then they will be warned by the Umpire and if it continues then the opposite team will be awarded five runs.

6. In test matches, the Umpire has the power to decide on extension of time for the final day of the match if he thinks that the match can come to a decision in favor of any one team. The extension time can be a maximum of 30 minutes.

7. A batsman will be declared out if he hits the ball more than once in a single ball bowled by bowler.

8. Once a wicket falls, a maximum of 3 minutes is allowed for the next batsman to come inside the field for batting. If he did not come inside within that stipulated time, he will be declared as out by the Umpire.

9. Umpire will not declare out if there is no appeal called by a single player from the bowling side.

10. A new ball can be called by a bowler in a test match after the bowling side bowls 80 overs. Before that it is not possible to ask for a new ball unless otherwise the ball really causes problems to any side.

11. A field Umpire will not be changed during a match unless otherwise he is in a injury or ill condition.

12. A pitch change can be made if the present play pitch is considered as too dangerous due to any reasons. In such a case, a public announcement has to be made and the pitch can be changed to a new one. In case if a new pitch is prepared, the match should be restarted from the first ball.

13. In case if a bowler unable to complete his full over, then the same over can be continued by another alternative bowler.

14. Only one short-pitched fast delivery is allowed by a bowler in a over. If he bowls in the same manner for second time, Umpire can give a no ball for the same.

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author avatar ppruel
21st Dec 2010 (#)

I don't play cricket though I love watching it. Nice article dude.

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22nd Dec 2010 (#)

Thank you ppruel...!

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21st Dec 2010 (#)

I know you might think, that darn stupid American but, I am still confused.LOL
Thank you for sharing.:)

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