Some interesting facts about Prehistoric creatures.

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Man is always fascinated by these by these creatures which existed in antiquity since the advent of the television more eager to know of them.

All these awesome animals-The flying reptile.

Did you know of a reptile that could actually fly? The name of the reptile was Dimorphodon.It had wings made of thin membrane just like birds. It was 3-4 feet long. Its claws were big and helped to grasp its prey. It had small hands, long tail and short neck. The long tail helped to keep balance in flight. The Dimorphodon fossils were discovered in the UK in 1828.Dimorphodon means two-form tooth.

The flying fish-eating reptile.

Another flying reptile the Pteranodon had the largest wingspan amongst all flying creatures. It had hollow bones. Its wings measured up to 25 feet. This enabled it to fly for a long time. Some Pteranodons had a crest on the back of their skulls. Its body was the size of a turkey. The name means toothless and winged. It had sharp eyesight and could see fish while flying above water. It had no teeth so the whole fish was swallowed.

The Predators-the magnificent and giant:The Giant Dinosaur.

The giant dinosaur was the tallest and heaviest plant-eating animal. It was called Brachiosaurus. It had a long neck like the giraffe and used it to reach tall trees. It could reach a length of 82 feet and weigh up to 80 tons. Brachiosaurus means arm lizard. Swallowing grinding stones aided in digestion. Its fossils were first found in Colorado, USA in 1900.It lived 150 million years ago.

The meat -eating predator Allosaurus

A huge meat eating animal dinosaur was the Allosaurus.It was 30-40 feet lengthwise and walked on two legs. It was a slow runner but an active hunter. It fed on other plant eating dinosaurs.Allosaurus hid from its prey before attacking it. It had sharp teeth and claws that aided in hunting and killing prey. Another characteristic was its ability to shed its teeth and replace them throughout its lifetime. The hands of the animal were distinct having three fingers and sharp claws. The name Allosaurus means different lizard. These were found in North America.

Plant eating dinosaur-Triceratops

The triceratopses were plant-eating animals. Dinosaur looked similar to the rhinoceros. It had three horns one on its face and two on its forehead. It had a head with plate with spikes at the end and resembled a shield. The head plate was 6 feet wide. The weight of the triceratops was 4-6 tons and height about 10 feet. The mouth was beak-shaped and strong jaws with rows of teeth. These creatures were mostly hunted by meat-eating dinosaurs T-rex.These triceratops fossils were found in North America.

A marine reptile.-Ichthyosaurus.

This was a marine reptile and it was like a dolphin in shape. They inhabited the seas around two hundred million years ago. These were small and very fast in their movements. These were mammals. Ichthyosaurus means fish lizard. Larger water reptiles hunted them. Their fossils were first discovered in the UK,in the 1800s.

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