Some of the Most Frequently Used Domain Name Extensions

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Domain name extensions are all created equal. The extension .com is supposed to be the most widely used and popular extension in the United States of America but there is a host of other domain name extensions which could be even more apt for your websites such as .org, .net, .info, and many others. You would be amazed to know that actually there are over 250 more domain name extensions apart from the ones mentioned above. Some of these domain name extensions include .ca, .me, and many more.

Some of the Most Frequently Used Domain Name Extensions

Many businesses find it safer to register one particular domain name with as many possible extensions for eliminating the risk of encountering any outside entity trying to capitalize on their well-established brand.

Do You Need to Purchase All Extensions Related to Your Domain Name?

Are you assuming that you would be getting a tremendous boost in your traffic if you purchase every extension possible for your domain name? You are not advised to buy low-quality TLDs like .ws, .name, .biz, .info etc. for boosting your traffic. However, you could buy all possible related domain name extensions provided you are concerned only about safeguarding your already branded website address. It is a perfect idea to select associated domain extensions and then go about redirecting them to precisely your home page for avoiding brand confusion.
While buying recently expired domains you must dedicate a lot of time to studying and doing ample research on domain name extensions, it certainly pays to get an idea about the most popular and frequently used domain name extensions and examine their pros and cons.


The .COM extension is supposed to be the most popular and commonly used domain name extension that is used by businesses both big and small simply because it is recognized easily and signifies commercial and business presence. Most of the registered domain names would certainly utilize this extension since it enjoys international status as a much-loved hot favorite top level domain.
Maybe an extension like .info or .biz could be really more apt for your kind of business, however, in reality, most people would be automatically typing in a .COM extension while searching your website. However, keep in mind that .COM extensions could be relatively more expensive, because of the numerous desired .COM domain names that are already being registered.


The .NET extension seems to be more frequently used by companies offering web-based services. Businesses such as Internet service providers, Internet-related businesses, web hosting companies etc. are more inclined towards .NET extension for their domain names. .NET extensions are easily available worldwide and there is absolutely no registration restrictions associated with this extension. If you just want a particular domain name which is not available along with the popular .com extension, you could at once consider the alternative, a .NET address. .NET extensions are especially, an excellent option for tech companies. .NET is regarded as the second hot favorite extension and is usually accepted widely by businesses of all sorts.


This extension is available worldwide. .ORG extensions are used mostly for NGOs, non-profits, and trade associations. If you are thinking of going with an .ORG extension, you must ensure that no other business owns the similar domain name with either the .NET or the .COM extensions. If you are a renowned non-profit, it is a good idea to use .org domain name. The .org extension certainly is very much technically open to everyone, however, it is actually not recommended for typical business ventures, simply because of the usual expectation that .org means non-profit.


Several businesses have already been benefitted by registering their domain name with multiple extensions. They opted for multiple extensions to safeguard their company from outsiders capitalizing on their brand. Moreover, if your domain is registered with several extensions, this will assist you in redirecting traffic to the precise site where the enthusiastic users would be finding the services, products or information they are seeking. While choosing a domain name extension, most people opt for one of the above-mentioned extensions because very few restrictions are imposed while using them. There are a number of domain extensions to choose from, so do ample research to understand exactly which one is just right for your business.

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