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Here are some information about mushrooms that would surely be of help.

Knowing Them..

Though mushrooms offer a variety of nutrients, not all of us are aware of it. Let us first define mushrooms. They are mostly found above the ground or on trees. They are also fleshy and spore-bearing fungus. Each mushroom has a different function. For example, there are mushrooms that are used as ingredients and some are used for medicinal purposes. Let us now know some of the different types.

These kinds of mushrooms contain high dietary fibre, proteins and vitamins such as thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, biotin, cobalamins, ascorbic acids and Vitamin D. Mushrooms could also be a great source of minerals such as selenium, potassium and phosphorus. Selenium has been discovered to lower the risk of prostate cancer while some mushrooms which were discovered as great sources of potassium help regulate blood pressure and helps keep the right balance of water in fat and muscle tissues and most of all, these mushrooms help ensure the proper functioning of the cells. Some examples of edible mushrooms are the Shiitake, Maitake, Oyster, Portobello, Crimini and Enoki.

These kinds of mushrooms are like the edible mushrooms in appearance but there is a very large difference between them. First among many is that these mushrooms, when eaten, could be fatal. These mushrooms are often seen in the wild. This is why people should be careful in eating mushrooms in the wild. It may be very risky and should not, by any chance, be taken or consumed without enough knowledge about mushrooms.

These mushroom species can cause severe and unpleasant symptoms but there are also those which are regarded as the deadly species. Being toxic is the mushrooms defence against consumption and destruction. When toxic mushrooms are eaten, they result in vomiting. Make sure that before you eat a mushroom, you are sure that it is edible.

These kinds of mushrooms have long been in existence. They are used by shamans and priest healers in various native medicine traditions in various cultures all over the world. They have also been used as a sacrament in rituals which are for mental, physical healing and even to facilitate visionary states. Some examples of these are the magic mushrooms or shrooms and the Amanitas. Some psychoactive mushrooms are used to help people who are suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder, cluster and migraine headaches.

These kinds of mushrooms are used in folk medicines. Why? Because some mushrooms inhibit the growth of tumors and enhances the immune system. Due to many studies which are conducted on mushrooms, scientists have found that mushrooms, specifically the oyter mushroom, contain cholesterol drugs. Penicillin, lovastatin and mevastatin are only some of the medicines that came from mushrooms.

Aside from the uses cited above some mushrooms even function as textile dyes and fire starters. Some also play a big role in the development of new biological remediation techniques and technologies. These things just prove that even though mushrooms are small, they do play a big part in our lives.


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