Soul Of Animals

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This article is about the Soul Of Animals which is pure and devine

Soul Of Animals

We all know human's have soul, in the same way animals to have their soul. Each and every living thing as their importance in the world. They have their uniqueness, language, characters, eating habits and so on. Animals and birds have the ability to see, eat, listen like human beings. They also have their own soul like us. The only difference is that they don't have the sixth sense. Animals only have five sense and our sixth sense create a great difference between us and animals.

Some persons don't give importance to animals and birds and do a lot of cruel things against them. Surely this kind of persons must stop their unwanted cruelty against animals. They too have sense, feelings, emotions as well as life and soul.

In some instances some human beings do a lot of unwanted things, they lost their sixth sense and downgraded to become an animal. Such kind of persons have their own soul and this kind of souls seems to be an animal soul.

In ancient days people give more importance to animals, in fact in some culture people worshiped animals as their god and considered them as holy creatures. People in the Easter traditions considered that animals are one of the beautiful creators from God and they have the divine potential inside. They believe that animals too have rebirth after their death as well as had their ex birth like human beings. They too have souls that can't be destroyed and this souls will take birth again after the death of the animals.

Lot of people have their own pets and fell a lot if they miss their pet as well as the death of their pets. But such kind of pets also have their souls and will take rebirth after the death. Their is no end for the real soul and it will take rebirth again and again until finishing its purpose.


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