Speed On Guitar Is The Byproduct of Accuracy

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If you place your fingers on 4 adjacent frets, and you play every note only once, then you have 24 possible finger combinations.

24 Finger Combinations

Placing your fingers on 4 adjacent frets, you will have 24 possible finger combinations.

1234 — 2341 — 3412 — 4123
1243 — 2431 — 4312 — 3124
1324 — 3241 — 2413 — 4132
1342 — 3421 — 4213 — 2134
1423 — 4231 — 2314 — 3142
1432 — 4321 — 3214 — 2143

These 24 combinations serve as great dexterity exercises.

Practice these 24 finger exercises with the below mentioned instructions for best ever results.

Alternate pick everything.
Play the 4-note finger exercise on the low E string, starting on the 1st fret, then move on to the A string, then the D string, and so on, without any pause.
When you got to the 1st string, move up 1 fret and keep doing the finger combination exercise, now moving back to the low E string, 1 sting at a time; again; without taking any pause from string to string.
Move your fingers very slow and controlled. Keep your whole focus and concentration on keeping ALL your fingers as close as possible to the fret board.
Try to incorporate this for at least a week!!.
After a week, start doing the exercises with a metronome. Very slowly, playing quarter notes (1 note per beat). Go up max 3-4 beats at a time on metronome. When you get to a speed where one of your fingers wants to move more: focus harder on keeping that finger as close as possible.

Closing Notes: Your whole focus is on moving as little as possible, NOT on moving fast. Once you start making big motions, you should take control over each finger to work accordingly.


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