Spontaneous Human Combustion

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Spontaneous human combustion: What is it? What happens? Are there answers as to how or why it occurs?

Spontaneous Human Combustion

Imagine a person abruptly erupting into a blazing inferno just out of the blue with no obvious understandable explanation and you will be able to comprehend spontaneous human combustion. The very idea of it is difficult to grasp and it is almost impossible to figure out why it happens. It is one of those baffling unsolved marvels in the world. One can only speculate as to why such an event takes place. Scientists can only theorize, but it has not yet been proven how such an event transpires or why it inexplicably occurs. Science has not yet been able to reproduce the manner in which this process commences.

When spontaneous human combustion takes place, it has been documented that only the body of the person appears to be burned. It cannot be ascertained as to why items in nearby location to the body remain unscathed making it appear as though the flame originated from the body itself. Some characteristics of spontaneous human combustion reveal that these fire occurrences are confined to only a small area where the body was consumed by searing flames in a rapid period of time engulfing the body in a matter of seconds. Often times, there is only a minute trace of the person left such as a limb or possibly an emaciated skull that remains where the incident took place.

One theory as to why this could happen would be a chemical response of some type that comes from within the body, but it remains unknown as to what would activate it or if there are any ways in which it could be circumvented. Another documented theory is the subsistence of a flame-like component known as Phlogiston that is emitted at the moment combustion begins, and has been found enclosed inside the bodies that have unexpectedly combusted. Perhaps there remains an unidentified medical disorder that triggers an upsurge of Phlogiston within a person that produces the combustive reaction.

Whatever the reason for spontaneous human combustion, medical examinations performed of the flame-devoured bodies and inspection of the scenes of these incidents by investigators leads us to believe that it, in fact, may exist. There have been numerous renowned occurrences in which such deaths still remain indeterminate to this day. Perhaps with further research and analysis, we may someday come to discover the reasoning behind this phenomenon, but until then, the question that often remains in the back of the mind is if it could suddenly happen to you.


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author avatar Buzz
29th Jan 2012 (#)

There are so many mysteries in this world yet to be unraveled and I doubt the best of scientists will know the answers. Great share, Lisa.

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author avatar Mounika Reddy
30th Apr 2012 (#)

Never heard about it before. Thank you for the useful information Lisa.

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author avatar Urch
13th Feb 2013 (#)

i have seen who this happened to in Africa and he was saved by us living in the same neighborhood, when we saw this smoke coming out of his bedroom its real i watched the documentary on the National geographic channel about this issue, when we took him to the hospital the doctors could not explain what went wrong and i tried to investigate in the room and saw that the burning was only on the bed just in the middle of the bed where he was laying that very night, this is crazy!!!!

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