Squeezing Every Penny Out of Online Writing

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How to recycle your articles and make as much money as you possibly can online

Online Writing

You'll never get rich.

This site pays 1c for every 6 views, that site claims to pay more (but doesn't pay at all), the other directs you to Adsense, (where you'd need a million hits to get enough coin to pay your electricity bill) making you rue giving up that job packing shelves at the market.

There is a way to boost your earnings.


Yah, I know

Every other site Demands Unpublished Original Work. Okay. My novel is unpublished original work. If I get a few cents for it in cyberspace, well, I've gotten free storage in case my computer goes down, and a few people have seen it, so I'm not out of pocket, because I wrote it anyway.

The operative term is anyway.

I didn't write it to publish it on some online writing site. I wrote it because I felt to write it. Whatever coin I get is gravy.

That is not the case when I write a factual article about a subject I have to research.

I have spent two hours researching this bit of history, or that disease, or geological process then carefully constructing my article. I wrote this researched article which has been published online for the usual pennies.

Publish one time, publish two times...

Join every possible writing site.
Use different names, different email addresses.

Finish your first draft and post it to Site One. Site One 'reviews' the work, meaning it won't be published immediately. Rework the article, make it a little better, and post it to Site Two. This is another site which doesn't publish immediately.

Move on to Site Three.. This site publishes immediately. Change the title, toss around a few paragraphs, save as a draft. Wait until One and Two have published. (They will run their 'original work' software, before publishing).

Now publish your Third version.

There are three sites which have published the 'original'.
Market the article on Site One.

Depending on Hits within the first 24 hours you'll know when to start Marketing Site Two
and Site Three.

If you've selected a good area for your research you should get a few 'spin off' articles which touch other aspects, you post to Site Four and Five. 'Spin offs' deal with one tiny aspect of your research; often bits you might have left out of Article One, etc.

As time passes, return to Site One, note improvements you could make to the article. Copy it, Fix it, post it on Site Four. Use a different title and move around the paragraphs.

Go to Site Two. Copy it, add or subtract facts, change the focus, post that site Five.

Eventually you will have five or more virtual 'mirror' sites. Each has similar information but set off differently. No plagiarism program will turn up a 'duplicate'. If one does, rework the article so thoroughly it's mother wouldn't recognise it.

This is the beauty of doing factual pieces. The facts can't change. How you treat them

Every month, take a day to go through each Site. Make sure you have Stumbled, Dugg, Reddited every article.

Select different articles from each of your online publishing sites to market to secondary sites such as Redgage, Shetoldme, etc.

(This is especially useful when you have 'writer's block' or don't know what to write about, as it gets you 'reviewing' things you've written a while back, often provoking new ideas.)

The same two hours of research and writing you put into that first article on Site One has been spun into five or more articles on other writing sites. The pennies mount up.

Do It Again

At the end of a year you have a lot of stuff out there. Find your best paying site and go and Network the stuff again.

Reddit's Trolls will often vote down your work, so it is on the last page. Delete it. Delete everything on your last page and reload the articles from new Reddit accounts.

Make sure that you've put everything on Redgage and Shetoldme which pay for links.

Maybe if you're lucky you'll make enough for a pack of gum.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
3rd Jul 2010 (#)

This is the total truth about on line writing. Have as many sites as you can and submit lots and promote. I didnt realize what a lot of work promoting is. My wife does a better job on that end than I do. She also tends to have an easier time writing factual articles on pets simply because she knows so much and doesnt have to to reasearch.

But I like the idea of having multiple sources of income. One other problem is so many sites limit no-Americans.

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author avatar kaylar
3rd Jul 2010 (#)

That is a draw back, this US only thing on some sites. I wonder how long these morons will take before moving it 'off shore' and getting out of the idea of taxing someone on a whopping 12.34c

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author avatar Retired
26th Oct 2010 (#)

I do recommend NOT doing this: "Use different names, different email addresses." it's very easy to get flagged that way. Establish your userid and use it everywhere, it will add to your credibility.

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author avatar kaylar
26th Oct 2010 (#)

As a person whose been doing this for over 3 years, I can tell you that it suits you to use different Nicks on different sites.

It suits you to join writing sites under different names, join networking sites under different names, so that Doreen Martel isn't Redditing Doreen Martel's work.

With the stumble button thumbing up badass of the week, that cute puppy picture, kaylar's article, Doreen's article, it doesn't flag as spam.
Further, and as I learned PAINFULLY, email accounts can be hacked, and as I use a diff email for each site, I only had one site hacked, and was able to do damage control.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
11th Aug 2011 (#)

Great tips!

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author avatar kaylar
11th Aug 2011 (#)

YOu're welcome. One of the facts is that it is the only way to survive online. In2007 you spent 3 hours working on an item that has 1k hits on Site One.

By redoing it and posting it on Site Two you cut down your 'out of pocket' 3 hours of work.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
14th Aug 2011 (#)

That's a wonderful observation.
Thank you, kaylar.

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author avatar kaylar
14th Aug 2011 (#)

thank you

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