Stages of Life Happiness And Gardening Tips

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Stages of life for people are compared to seasons of gardening. Learn some great tips of what to do to better your life and your garden. It’s a fun read!

Stages of Life Happiness And Gardening Tips

Gardening is like the stages of life where you have to accept how things are at the time. Youth is like the spring where growth happens quickly. Middle age is much like a productive garden in the summer that brings results. The fall and winter should be enjoyed like older folks as a time to reflect on past production and enjoy resting. However, before rest occurs a bit of preparation for that spring cycle in the garden should happen to create growth for next year. Both gardens and people need positive maintenance and rejuvenation. Winterizing your garden calls for evaluation and care.

Reflect On The Past

Most gardens have a personality of their own. Last year I planted a sunflower that showed me that. The east side of my garden receives lots of sun, while shade from large trees affects the western side. In the morning that sunflower would turn toward the east and grew well.

Tomato plants planted near that sunflower also did well, while the tomatoes planted on the western side did not produce as much. That sunflower was like an enthusiastic youngster showing me the plants that need the most sun needed to be on the east side of my garden.

Happiness Tip: We can learn from reflecting on results from the past.
Gardening Tip: Plan your future garden in the winter with a paper diagram

Clean Up

The later stages of people’s lives usually mean cleaning up your life. Maintaining your health with a better diet and taking better care of yourself is found to be important. Give you garden the same care in the fall with tidy improvements to the soil.

Pull the roots from old plants and chop them up. Recycle unsightly leaves from your yard and driveway by putting them in the garden. A mower that has recycling blades can reduce that pile considerably and help condition the soil for next spring.

Happiness Tip: Clean up your life - recycle mistakes by learning from them.
Gardening Tip: Clean up your garden before winter – recycle the mess.

Create Something Great

In addition to leaves and old plants, there is another way to create great compost for your garden. Dig a hole to make a place for kitchen scraps in the winter. Save vegetable trimmings, coffee grinds (including filters), and uneaten leftovers to put in this hole.

Cover the hole with leaves and soil and repeat this throughout the garden during the winter. Make sure the hole is at least a foot deep and keep covering it to keep out animals. By the spring those holes will have formed compost that is known as “black gold” to help your plants thrive.

Another good gardening project in the fall is to can cucumbers and relish as shown in the picture and enjoy them in the winter.

Happiness Tip: Bury old problems & move forward with new opportunities.
Gardening Tip: Bury organic trash materials and turn it in to fertilizer.

All photos by Bill Harbin Jr


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author avatar AjaySinghChauhan
26th Oct 2014 (#)

good post very useful and informative. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
26th Oct 2014 (#)

Bill, excellent article and pictures. I truly enjoyed reading this. Smiles to you.

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author avatar snerfu
27th Oct 2014 (#)

Mr Harbin, your garden is growing faster than the seasons but you caught a good portion with your camera.

May your flowers bloom and grow.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
29th Oct 2014 (#)

Awesome post and interesting piece as well!

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author avatar Joyce Singha
5th Nov 2014 (#)

Great post Bill. Congrats on Author of the Day. I loved the tips. Always thought there was something magical and god-like in gardens. Peace.

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author avatar Bill Harbin Jr
5th Nov 2014 (#)

Thanks Joyce, I did not know I was author of the day.

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author avatar Joyce Singha
7th Nov 2014 (#)

Bill this is what happens when you hang out too much on your page. Just kidding.
Wikinut computer makes everyone author of the day on different days; very socialist; everybody is happy or nobody cares. Thanks Bill for your comments.

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author avatar peachpurple
3rd Sep 2015 (#)

gardening had taught me through trials and efforts that you gotta find out the reasons behind the failure.

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