Star Children- Messengers from Other Planets

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Parapsychologists claim that there are aliens who are born on Earth in human form to deliver a special message to the Earthlings.

Star Children

Many children are gifted with supernatural powers like clairvoyance, healing, thought-reading, telepathy, etc. Often we tend to think of these children as mental patients, a common misconception which causes them to be neglected and misunderstood. However, according to parapsychologists, these are specially gifted children from other advanced planets who have come to Earth for the improvement of the less-advanced races. Theses children are generally peaceful, loving, forgiving, and often express a crave to return to their "other parents" in some other planet. These children are very difficult to lie to as they can detect lies easily. They are very sensitive and are hurt by the corruption and hatred that prevails on the earth. They are extraordinarily intelligent and are gifted with psychic powers as mentioned above. It is necessary for us to take them seriously and not avoid them as crazy people. It is said that they reflect back whatever energy we provide them with, so it is necessary that we teach them good things and provide them with positive energy.
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