Star Wars: List of the Republic Walkers

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Throughout the series, Star Wars featured a variety of different walkers during the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil Wars. I have provided a list of these walkers with a picture and a brief description.

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The All Terrain Tactical Enforcer was a Republic vehicle and was one of the most commonly used vehicles during the Clone Wars.

Built at a length of 13.2 metres, the AT-TE consisted of six legs and a large body that resembled a bug. It was capable of carrying a multitude of soldiers (about 30 troopers) on its back.

The AT-TE had a glass window in the front inside which the pilot sat.
It had a large cannon on its top that could take out large Seperatists machines such as the Hailfire Droid. Other than the cannon, it also had at least four large blasters that could take out waves of enemies in a few shots.
However, the pilot alone cannot operate these weapons simultaneously so more soldiers are needed to operate these weapons.
It could also travel up on vertical surfaces as seen during the Battle of Teth.

The AT-TE isn't very 'speedy' however and is an easy prey to heavy firepower. But even after the AT-TE has been destroyed, it can be used as cover by the Republic Army.


The All Terrain Armoured Transport was a four-legged giant mechanical beast that proved to be one of the most deadly machines in the history of the galaxy.
The AT-AT stood about twenty metres tall and is not only used as a war machine but also for transport.
It consists of four long legs that supports a large body and on one side of the body is the neck which is attached to the armed head.

All of its weapons are mounted on its head. It consists of two repeating laser blasters and also with a pair of heavy laser cannons which could spell danger for enemy soldiers standing at a long distance.

The whole walker is heavily armored and it can withstand even rockets fired from rocket launchers.
The neck was deemed to be its only weak spot.

However, due to the AT-AT having long legs, there is a risk of those legs getting entangled by a long rope as seen during the Battle of Hoth. If they entagle, the whole walker would collapse and crash to the ground, killing everyone on board.


The All Terrain Open Transport was another walker that was used mainly for transport and reinforcement and not meant for war.

This walker had eight short legs and like the AT-TE and the AT-TE, it had slow movement.
The only weapons it possessed were four blaster cannons: two in the front and two in the back.

The AT-OT had an open top which was risky as it could not defend itself from aeriel attacks. If any ariel attacks occured, all the troopers inside were likely to perish.


The All Terrain Recon Transport was a one-man walker that was very fast and was used to advance towards enemy lines while easily dodging enemy fire.
The AT-RT is built with two long legs on top of which is built the pilot's seat which is left dangerously open.
There is a blaster cannon mounted in the center of the control area.

The AT-RT is a very small bipedal walker as compared to the three mentioned above. It weaponry consisted of a single laser cannon and a mortar launcher.

As seen on the Battle of Ryloth, these nimble-fast walkers proved to be effective against firepower from enemy tanks.


The All Terrain Scout Transport is an upgraded version of the AT-RT. Like the AT-RT, it has two legs and mounted on top of it was the control units and the pilot's seat. However, unlike the AT-RT, the AT-ST's head is covered and it can accomodate two pilots instead of one.

The AT-ST holds twin blaster cannons and a grenade launcher. Although they're faster than the AT-AT's, they are not as heavily armoured and can fall prey to heavy blaster fire or missile grenades.
They can be infiltrated into too through the top hatch as seen in the Battle of Endor and if enough damage is done to their legs, they may collapse and crash.


The All Terrain Personal Transport was another walker similar to the AT-RT and the AT-ST, noting the fact that it is a bipedal transport and has a covered control unit where the pilots sit.

The AT-PT consisted of a pair of blaster cannons and a grenade launcher. However, these weapons are only effective against infantry and not against enemy war machines.
They can withstand light blaster fire but may receive damage from heavy firepower.

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