Start up companies trying to make meat out of plant products

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Do you want to get to be vegetarian someday but are afraid to buy the food and not like it? There are new start up companies that are working every day trying to make plant foods tat are like meat but formed of plants

Not all vegetarians like meat subtitutes

There are getting to be more and more people turning to the vegetarian lifestyle in the world But there are a lot of vegetarians that won't eat veggie burgers (I don't like them myself).

But there is a company called Impossible Foods that is run by Patrick Brown that is attempting ad he says, "we are not making a veggie burger we're creating meat without using animals."

Brown knows what he is doing as before joining Impossible Foods he was a scientist working at Stanford University.

Patrick Brown is trying to look at plants to make a meat like product but using plants

Companies starting the trend of making what they call meat out of plants

Impossible Foods is one of a group of start-ups that are receiving tens of millions of dollars from investors.

These companies are trying to get people to stop using animals as their primary source of food. These companies say that they are,"Making meat out of plants."

These companies are trying to get people not to have a regular diet of animals and, if possible, no animals at all."

Those companies don't want us to eat animals at all because a burger made out of plant products because they are more friendly towards the environment, healthier for you, and affordable."

Start up Beyond Meat

There is a southern California company called Beyond Meat The company is a start-up company.

Beyond Meat works on what is supposed to resemble meat made of soy and peanut proteins.

The founder of Beyond Meat is Ethan Brown says that have been selling this plant product that is supposed to be disguising itself as a chicken and is made of plant product

Beyond meat and Whole Foods

Beyond Meat has been sold since 2012 in Whole Foods Ethan Brown realizes his company's "Chicken Strips" aren't the best tasting. He said it was made by processing it through a machine that creates the texture of the ingredients by heating and cooling temperatures.

That is a common way of preparing meat, but the company says that they do taste a bit better than other products. They believe their plant-based chicken is because they tweaked tweak this production, so it tastes better

Beyond meat chicken strips get bad review from Huffington Post

Ethan Brown says one of the it gets fat in their faux meat is by pouring canola oil and mixing it all through the plant ingredients. AS this mock meat doesn't have fat naturally like an animal l who can get it like the animals tendons have fat on them.

Ethan Brown says fake meat may be spooking people. He says this is the new types of food. An example is computers used to be so big they filled a room and no internet. Now we have the internet and smart phones we can get the internet.

Beyond Meat isn;t getting great reviews The online magazine Huffington Post reviewed the Beyond Meat says the chicken strips are,"unpleasant" in taste

Impossible foods

Impossible foods make their burgers out of plant materials. They take out proteins from some plant and some kind bean. The plant protein might be from spinach.

Impossible Foods has 100 employees giving their new manufacture burgers.Will sell first to only food manufacture companies in the last half of 2017

These burgers have not been tested by many people, but people start having people drawn to it. That explains how the different start-ups for plant based "meat".

Impossible foods

Impossible foods is getting a lot of money from investors they originally raised "$74 million. IN 2015 they raised $108 million, The company investors include such as the richest man in the world Bill Gates 16 times in the last 21 years. And recently two years in a row 2014-2015. He isn';t the only one investing in these start ups, Impossible Foods also has Horizon Ventures and Google Ventures

Modern Meadow

But Modern Meadow isn't was necessarily going to have burgers and steaks/. The company had a small conference in 2015. They made for the meeting "Steak chips" ONly 200 people tasted these steak chips

The Modern Meadow company says their "Steak Chips" are like "crispy chunky beef jerky."

Just mayo an eggless mayonnaiose

There is another company that is trying to get rid of eggs in recipes. The company is called Hampton Creek The CEO is the founder of the company Josh Tetris is trying to sell products that have eggs without eggs using plants. He says he wants ti to make his products taste so good that people won't realize their product without egg in the product they are consuming.

Tetris has a rule there will be no word vegan mentioned with his vegan food products.,

He company makes a makes Just Mayo, and it is similar to mayonnaise that has eggs in them, but just mayo is egg tree. He uses Canadian zYellow pea proteins


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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
21st Jan 2016 (#)

Thanks for sharing your article. I found it very interesting. Over the past few years I've given up a lot of meat but I know I could do better. I would like to switch to a vegetable diet but it's all new to me. I did buy some Tofu over the weekend and made it yesterday from a recipe I saw on television. It was good. I didn't have a problem with it at all. Smiles to you today!

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
21st Jan 2016 (#)

Food items and health + hygiene topics are indeed helpful for all of us to learn and share.

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
22nd Jan 2016 (#)

I grew up in an Adventist elementary school and had a share of many years of meatless meal...i dunno but Science tells us the food pyramid and I guess i wasted many years of good protein to repair my body and promotes faster growth. 🤓

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author avatar SaigonDeManila
22nd Jan 2016 (#)

*I mean without much needed protein...

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author avatar Lesa Cote
11th Feb 2020 (#)

Thank you for the blog on start up companies. You can visit

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