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With the recent United States of America government shutdown, I just felt it was time to write this article: People build, invent and maintain, governments rule and destroy. The key to happiness ultimately is to be your own governing force in life and keep yourself sane, honest, realistic and above all energetic and youthful. Think about reality with positive vibrations coming from you and you can be all right.

It all starts with realistic thinking and action, but, it does not end there

When we can run our own lives with sanity and a genuinely positive consciousness fully, it is time for outer governments to leave us alone, genuinely. Indeed, that will happen by being consciously creative and superior to them in our own hearts and souls. When I think deeply of what that means, and what it all comes down to. I can honestly say that it all starts with realistic thinking and action, but it never ends there. We must creatively win beyond that poker game the establishment calls government. Not through bloodshed and game playing, but through simple thinking for ourselves outside of the box and nonconformity in genuinely thinking for ourselves with genuine consciousness and conscience.

Sure, it sounds hard in a way, but face it, when things become habitual, they become very easy, right down to that type of creative thinking and action.

Justifying in our minds that we need someone else to run us is foolish. Justifying genuinely in our minds and spirits that we can run ourselves sanely is divine. The hoax is that we need someone to run us because "we cannot run ourselves well". The reality is that if we all lose the mysticism and laziness, we can run ourselves genuinely well in reality.

Reality without the blindness and mystical fears is always a better place than being manipulated through fear, government and game playing by "those that are higher than us". Those that are "higher than us" are not any smarter than we are, they are like the Wizard in Lyman Frank Baum novel "The Wizard Of Oz" behind a curtain putting on a better show than we have thought of, that is all.

Ultimately though, reality is better than a show, and ultimately will do better than the show for the fact that it is reality and not a projection or an exaggeration. It all starts with realistic thinking and action, but, it does not end there.

A reality that is not impeachable

The reality of the situation is that governments are run by clownish, egotistical, self-serving sneaky people who are out for themselves. That is the key to all the problems in the world. It is not the honest people who are the problem really who are doing what they need to do and want to do, in that order. It is the lying people who play destructive confidence games to achieve power by initiatory force and false promises fully not integrated with reality based on total lies that "sound good" at any cost, right down to campaign promises that never get fulfilled but sound great when they are being said.

Really, honesty is the only thing that is never impeachable, because it lays the bare bones on the table fully, and what to do about all problems, and the genuine solutions to all problems.

Start here:

Think about your reality, then think about what you want in it. Do not lie to yourself. That is where reality starts. False promises and playing on fears are where the lies and mysticism continues. But honesty is where it all ends. Honesty is where perfection genuinely begins.


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