Staying True to your Agenda

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This is an article about keeping true to your agenda and following them through for people to see. It also has a section about being self-aware as well as being aware of the differences in circumstances others face.


This is the first article I’ve ever written online and I hope to write about a variety of other things from hereon discussing a wide amount of subjects. First off, I’d like to discuss the importance of staying true to the example you wish to represent. This particular topic potentially differs depending on the role or position another person may be in however.

Following Your Own Philosophy

A perfect example of this would be a fitness instructor. If a person was to give you advice on how to train, eat, drink, sleep etc. then you’d expect them to be someone who follows through on their points themselves. By doing this, it shows that what you’re expecting from another is humanly possible because you’ve achieved it yourself; it also enhances recognition for your achievements. Another example would be if I was to use myself, is that if I am to philosophise about the world and attempt to do so in the most ethical way possible then that is the way I too need to behave rather than just observe it. This is perhaps an obvious point, but it’s one that can easily be forgotten.

Being True to Yourself yet Aware of Others

This gets more complicated depending on the role a person is in. Let’s say a politician has many different pointers on how a whole country should be governed or how people should behave, what right does he have to make those claims if he doesn’t have a related field of experience or knowledge by taking into account a variety of different lifestyles? Is the one speaking only referring from his own background? If so, then all he has are assumptions and doesn’t take into account all of the variables; e.g. how much income does ‘Person A’ bring in compared to ‘Person B’ and how much money does that leave them at the end of the week to spend on non-essentials? It’s going to be difficult for the one bringing in the lesser to get the most out of their education without proper help or earn enough to travel to where there may be a better or more appropriate job opportunity. The aforementioned point ties into the fitness instructor who outlines the ‘perfect’ body plan or a fashion icon wearing the latest trends, they only represent those that had the means to do so. This is of course no excuse to belittle their successes, however instead it can be used as a drive to succeed where they have as well.


It's essential to be aware we’re all different but have similarities which in turn make us the same. If we as people can connect with individuals who keep to the points they make then we have proof knowing we can do it too, therefore regardless of whatever field you wish to go into it’s important to take into account the circumstances of those around you.


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