Stereoscopic Filmmaking

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Technology has gone on steroids as far as its development is concerned.

About a year ago Marzeus finally bought himself an HDV camera for his studio work, because high definition video had come in. But then of course, he needed the software to edit it with.

Stereoscopic filmmaking

The latter was another update. Some months ago he finally got the necessary software. Actually he purchased quite a few software packages, and finally settled on one he will use.

Upgrading to high definition video also meant a new and faster editing computer of course.

However, his update to a high definition video studio wasn't cold yet, or something new made its arrival, or rather, return: 3D stereoscopic filmmaking.

3D films have already been popular some decades ago, ever since the early 20's to be technical, but it would appear the fad had faded.

But recently, with films like Avatar, it would appear it's resurfaced, better than ever.

And, as can be expected, in April 2010 the first "consumer" 3D camera, as called by some, yet also dubbed a "professional" camera due to the hefty price, will come on the market. Panasonic is looking at selling this baby for around $21,000.

Marzeus has played around in the past with two cameras he stuck onto a plank, filming simultaneously, and he had created a few 3D test films this way.

But, face it, another huge upgrade is coming, computer, software, hardware like Blu-Ray DVD Rom and Blu-Ray DVD player, and camera, if he's going to go the direction of 3D film.

Some people are sceptic and say it's just a marketing gimmick that will pass again; some think it will not replace conventional two dimensional film but it will be an extra way for filmmakers to tell a story; and others don't know where this is going.

Marzeus's guess about further development of the film and video technology, is that something beyond 3D film will emerge, something like holographic film, which will replace both 2D and 3D.

But what the future shall actually bring, time will tell.

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7th Oct 2015 (#)

nice to read that about the technologies in film making.interesting post

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