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Since ancient times, has been recognized the usefulness of the proximity of the individual minerals or gems as a methodology to improve the physical or mental individual himself.
A branch of astrology deals with what are the stones most effective to eliminate weaknesses and enhance the opportunity of existence of each zodiac sign. In general, the stones most useful are those which have a range of colors reminiscent of the planet's governor sign.

The stone associated with Aries

The stone associated with Aries are all those who remember the color of the planet Mars, governor, or red, in its variants.
The Ruby increases energy, already intense, with this sign. Serves at the same time, decrease the stress that necessarily accompanies the life of 'restless Aries. It 's a mineral that occurs deep red. This is due to inclusions of chromium in the ore itself.
The Red Coral is not a mineral, but the limestone skeleton of coral.
E 'ability to provide the sign of Aries enthusiasm loud and improve sexual activity of the sign, when the need arose. 'S also useful in case of illness, so the person gets better soon Aries in Thesixth

Venus, the protector of the Taurus star

Venus, the protector of the Taurus star, is associated with the color green. E 'in the range of colors that are selected or the stones, which can stimulate the second sign of the Zodiac.
Emerald can help Taurus to regain fitness after illness or any kind of disappointment. In addition, it may be a great luck in love. It 's a rare mineral. E 'quality of beryllium which takes the green color due to the presence of vanadium and chromium.
The green tourmaline allows the Taurus to maintain their fitness and give their best in moments of intimacy. It is part of the cycle of silicates. Usually found in volcanic areas, because it is an accessory mineral eruptions

The Topaz is the gem that stimulates the curiosity typical of Gemini

The sign ruled by Mercury benefits from the stones of yellow or changeable.
The Topaz is the gem that stimulates the curiosity typical of Gemini. At the same time, however, restricts certain excesses of superficiality that may not please people who are around them. It 's a silicate which can be found in volcanic areas. Its name is derived by the appeal of Topazes Greek island in the Red Sea, where they were digging stones yellow.Agate can also be very useful to a person of Gemini. It helps concentration and, in the case study or major works, to prevent! Gemini person to get distracted. E 'quality of quartz. E 'defined as fibrous streaks of color are visible to the naked eye.

Cancer motherhood and form the long-awaited family

Moon said the color of the stones that are suitable to calm the mood of the sign of Cancer. As can be imagined, those in white are those that are best suited to this task.
The classic Pearl is designed to calm the nerves and fears of signal now. Bring a pearl will show less subject to the complained against others.Fit to sign is also Adularia, also called "Moonstone, " a stone that can help women who want to reach the Cancer motherhood and form the long-awaited family.
It 's a group of mineral feldspar, and takes its name from Mount Adula, in the Swiss Alps, where it is found

Other useful stone for the Leo

The sign ruled by the Sun receives benefits from the stones that are brighter than they have in nature and which have a yellow hue.
The royal character of the Lion is well represented by the Diamond. It gives strength in this sign. It allows the person who has had health problems to recover immediately and relieve the emotional strain that a leader was born as Leo is forced to shoulder.
The diamond is the stone that there is more light. It 's a lattice of carbon atoms in tetrahedral structure.
Other useful stone for the Leo, in particular to instill the courage that must always show the world, and amber. It is a resin used to make jewelry in ancient Egypt

Virgo can be helped by the stones of translucent color or gray or iridescent.

Virgo can be helped by the stones of translucent color or gray or iridescent.
The Sapphire is the stone mainly associated with the sign. E 'useful in two main areas. First, it allows you to recover from a period of poor health. Above all, however, provides a great deal of luck in search of love. This is a variety of single crystal aluminum oxide.
Very useful for the Virgin are also some special features of quartz as the Rutilated Quartz. This stone is able to preserve the sign of Virgo, the fatigue that often the axle due to the huge commitment that puts in their own affairs. It is! a Quartz with inclusions of rustle.


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