Stop Fighting and Work It Out!

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There's been a lot of disagreements and fighting around the world. Opinions of one is a cause of anger and rage for another. No one sees the world the same way. Progress happens when the fighting stops.

Here's the topic of my morning chronicle. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and join me ...

Good Morning Everybody ...

I haven't written in a few days. Writers block I guess. Actually, I had too much on my mind and the window was just cracked open. Not enough room for any thought flow ... yea, That's my reason and I'm sticking it to it lol

Actually, there's been a lot of disagreements and fighting about so many things. Not just in my life but just all around the world. Opinions of one is a cause of anger and rage for another. Debates everywhere about presidential opinions. Race, black white. Countries and powers. It's sad ...

Fact is, no one sees the world the same way. Here's the topic of my morning chronicle. So, grab yourself a cup of coffee and join me ...

No one sees the world the same way ...

As I was saying, no one sees the world the same way. You have your own unique perspective and perception and so does everyone else. Progress happens when the fighting stops.

Life is not perfect and it wont be. You won't find the perfect solution for every problem but that doesn't mean the problem can't be dealt with successfully.

Don't let your disagreement with others be an excuse for hatred or disrespect. There is so much to learn and understand from others way of seeing things. One's perspective and perception of a situation gives you another way to look at things. It should open and broaden horizons not restrict and close the path.

Difference of opinion ...

Do you realize that your refusal to listen to a different opinion is a sign of weakness and insecurity? On the other hand, when you listen respectfully and welcome the opinion of others, you can actually strengthen your own.

We are all different. We think differently. We've all had different lives, different experiences,different cultures, different upbringings. All that together make us all different. We all see things different on account of our life's influences.

How boring and motionless would life be if we all were the same. Some of our greatest gifts comes from our rich diversity, opinions, and perspectives. We all live best when we live together. Agree to disagree. Have respect. Be understanding and have a spirit of cooperation.

We ....

We all live under the same sky. We all walk the same earth. We all breathe the same air. We are all flesh and blood. The world would be a better place if we loved one another instead of hating one another. The morning news would be a pleasure to watch if instead of killings we heard of good deeds and acts of love. If instead of seeing one raising a weapon against another we saw a helping hand. The choice is ours. It starts with us.

Here's a song to inspire you. Have a listen ... We can work it out by The Beatles

Well my friends, time to start the day. I wish you all a great Monday. Be good to one another and don't take your freedom for granted because it's not a given for everyone to do so.

You know the drill ....

SMILE! .... You're on life's candid camera!


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author avatar Delicia Powers
19th Oct 2016 (#)

A lot of wisdom in what you say of the reasons I began writing and reading here on Wikinut is to learn more about this wide world of diverse religion, customs-most of all the very everyday family life of people and places I will never be able to visit...not to change my believes or try to change anyone elses -I would just like to better understand the humanity of us all...great article Linda!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
19th Jan 2017 (#)

(Oops found my old grammar mistake) -I meant_ beliefs not believes_ in that windy comment of mine above... :0) I came back to read some of your outstanding always forward looking positive attitude articles-all are inspiring on such as this very wintery cold morning ..! Thanks Linda

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